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Weekly Homework/Home play


Phonics homework- 

This week the year one children have a comic to read, this comic has some of the new phase 5 graphemes. I would like the children to  read the comic and underline the ay, ou, ie and ee graphemes. 

20.11 - I'm so sorry but I forgot to handout the homework! I will upload it on to the school website if you want to print it and complete it over the weekend if not it's here ready for Monday. Sorry again!
This weekend the children have a reading comprehension activity. They were very excited when I told them as it was about Children in Need. The spellings are now linked to the letters sounds that we have learnt the previous week. Have a great weekend.
Half term homework
This half term the children have phonics homework, number formation and some spellings. Have a great half term Robin class!

This week the year one have some maths homework that is a recap of their learning this term all ready.


Early years children have a comic to read, this comic has the sounds in that we have learnt so far (s a t p), well done to all of the early years children who completed their phonics homework this week  laugh

Year one English homework this week :-) 

Early years- 

I would like the children to practise using a knife and fork to cut their food. We have been encouraging the children in the lunch hall to have a try and cut their food before we help them. It would be great for them to become that bit more independent at lunch time. Of course we will always help them if they can't. If they had fish fingers we encouraged them to try and lots of them were very proud when they cut it by themselves. Of course you can practise during dinner time but another fun way is by making a playdough dinner and cutting it up!


Year One

I will attached your maths homework. Don't forget to practise your spellings! :-) 

Remember spellings can be practised in fun ways, using felt tips on foil, using magnetic letters, chalk or post it notes.