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What we have been up to this week

  W/C 9.3.20

  This week we have been learning about Spring and have been looking at changes in our outdoor area.

  The children have painted daffodils, made collage pictures and been very creative.

  This week, we have been revisiting our Phase 3 sounds, especially 'air' and 'ure'.

  W/C 2.5.20

  Robin class enjoyed a great 'World Book Day' today. We made bookmarks, designed book covers, shared our

  favourite stories and visited other classes to have stories read to us.

  This week, we have also been learning and practising the sounds 'oi', 'ear' and 'er'.

  We have also been learning about different types of transport and sorting them into land, air and water 


  W/C 24.2.20

   Robin class have enjoyed learning about our topic of 'Transport'.

   The children have been creating different types of transport using junk modelling and exploring non- fiction


   During maths activities, we have been learning about the value of coins and making different amounts of

   money. The children have also enjoyed role-play in our clothes shop.


  W/C 3.2.20

   This week, we have been practising subtraction and the children have enjoyed using different resources

   in a practical way.

   In phonics, we have been learning the sounds 'ar', 'or' and 'igh' and we continue to practice our tricky words.

   The children have been learning the story of 'The Train Ride' and have sequenced the story and painted

   some lovely pictures. 

  W/C 20.1.20

   This week, we have been reading and sequencing the story of 'The Three Billy Goat's Gruff'. The children 

    have been learning the sounds 'ai', 'ee' and 'oo'.

    In maths, we have been learning about measuring length and height.

    During outdoor activities, the children have been practising their throwing and catching skills.



 W/C 13/1

  The children have been learning about the story of 'The Three Little Pigs'. They have been sequencing and 

  acting the story. They have also made some houses using different materials.

  Outside, the children have enjoyed playing tricky word and number hunts.

   We have been practising segmenting and blending words in phonics and learning the Phase 3 sounds.

   In maths, we have been ordering numbers and finding number bonds to 6.

   We have also enjoyed playing different percussion instruments in music and have been learning some new 


  W/C 6.1.

  This week, we have been learning to sequence and re-tell the story of 'Dear Zoo'. The children have thought of 

   some excellent actions to perform with the story.

   We have also been learning the number bonds to 5 and learning to write our numbers correctly.

   We have started to learn about our new topic ' Animals' and have created a Jungle cafe while outside, we have

    a cottage for the 'Three little Pigs' and a dinosaur area too.


   W/C 9.12.19

   This week, during phonics activities, Robin class have been learning about the sounds ch, sh and th.

   We have also been reading the story about the adventures of 'Stick Man' ( by Julia Donaldson).

   Our role play area is a Christmas Post office where the children have been keen to write letters and practice 

   their writing and role play.

   Robin Class really enjoyed performing their Nativity and they were really fantastic ! 

   Please remember to sign up on the party food list ( on the class door) as our Christmas party is on

   Thursday 19th December.

   Many thanks for your support,

   Mrs. Dawes





















































































































































































































   W/C 2.12.19

  This week, Robin class have been learning about counting back and taking away numbers by playing maths 

   games and doing practical activities.

  They have been learning to write numbers above 10.

  They have also been learning about Advent and the Nativity and are enthusiastic about performing their play.

  During phonics sessions, Robin class have been learning about the sounds y,z and qu.

    W/C 25.11.19

    This week, the children have been learning about the story of 'The Gruffalo' and have been writing simple 

     sentences to describe him.

     We have been learning the letter sounds j, v, w and x and learning our tricky words.

     We have continued to practice addition and forming our numbers correctly.

     The children have also been rehearsing their Christmas play in the church. Their singing and acting has been 

     really great. Well done Robin class !



     W/C 18/11

     This week, we have been reading 'The Gingerbread Man'. The children have made stick puppets and acted  

     out the story.

      We have been learning about addition, making simple sums using dice and solving number    


      We have also been learning about the season of winter and have created winter paintings.

      Thank you for your continued support,

       Mrs. Dawes   

    W/C 11.11.19

    This week was 'Maths week' and the children had an exciting time exploring maths through games,                      activities and rhymes.

    We have been learning to form our numbers correctly and about finding one more or less than a number.

    In phonics, the children have been continuing to practice their letters, sounds and tricky words. We have been      learning about 'll' and 'ss' as word endings.

    Please have a look at Tapestry to see photos of your child and information about what they have been doing.

    Thank you for your continued support.

    Mrs. Dawes

W/C 21.10.19 

This week, we have been learning to recite and sequence the story 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'. The children have really enjoyed using the small world resources to act out the story.


In maths, we have been learning to sequence the days of the week and to use positional language.The children have also been learning about how we are all different and have been very creative by mixing colours and painting their own pictures of Elmer the elephant.


Please remember that you can post photos or comments about your child's achievements or interests at              home on Tapestry. We are always really pleased to share them with you. There are also photos of your child's learning in class on Tapestry. Please take a look!


Many thanks for your continued support,

Mrs Dawes


W/C 9.9.19

Welcome to Robin Class!

We have enjoyed a great first week in Robin class. The children have all settled well. 

We have started learning about our topic 'All about Me' and have also been learning about autumn.

We have been practising our phonics and the children will be bringing home their sounds and tricky words booklets to practice.

Here are some photos of what we have been doing this week...