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This week's learning

Week 2


Another week has whizzed by and we have already crammed in so much already!


In English, we have been continuing with our genre of non-chronological reports. Our topic this half-term is Brilliant Britain (see the "at-a-glance" map on class page), and the children have been learning keenly about capital cities, population trends, seas and famous rivers and many more. They will be putting all this information together to create an information leaflet for potential visitors to our amazing isles!


In Mathematics, the focus has been on rounding to the nearest 10,100,1000,10,0000 etc for numbers up to a million (Year 5) and ten million (Year 6). This has been a really tough topic and many of the children have found it challenging. The homework for this week also is related so I hope they don't find it too difficult :/


In Science, the focus has been on refraction - ask your children what this means! We have also been learning how to evaluate our experiments more coherently and how to plan in a more organised manner.


In Art and Design, we have continued our collage using a variety of techniques such as frills, layering, bunching, punching and crimping. Here are some of the designs - hopefully we should get these completed and hung up for next week!





Have a great weekend!


Mr Forster


Week 1


A full week - done! Well done to all the children this week who have been working ever so hard despite a few yawns!


This week in English, we have been learning how to write a non-chronological report. The children then had to write a report based on a topic that they were passionate about. I have imparted my knowledge about board games on the children and I have learnt all about fish, football, horses and dance in return!


In Maths, we have been continuing with our place value unit. The year fives managed to compare and order numbers up to 1,000,000 whilst the Year Six were expected to get to 10 million. Phew! Lots of hard work!


In Science, we were studying reflection and how periscopes work! The children were trying to use two mirrors to see above the table and then explaining how it worked. See if they can explain it to you!


In Art, we were continuing our collages to include layering and different textures. Here you can see the children hard at work:



This week is a writing task, along with 15 minutes of TT Rockstars and 5 spellings to practise at home! Good luck!


Have a great weekend all!

Mr Forster


Welcome back to the new academic year - the Year 5 have done brilliantly in their new classroom this week and are getting used to the new routines and strange teacher!


For the last two days, we have been learning all about what is expected in our writing and revising when we use proper nouns - we definitely needed some reminding about this! 

We also started our Light Topic in Science. Below you can see some of the children pretending to be light sources and demonstrating how light travels in straight lines:

We have also started our collage art unit based on the artist Mark Hearld. We were experimenting with complimentary and contrasting colours today and trying different techniques to create texture - some great ideas!

This week's homework is to practise times tables rock stars for 15 minutes and to practise spellings with an adult - please sign their homework diaries to confirm they have done this.


Have a great weekend everybody!