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This week's learning

Week 5


Another week has rushed past; this half term seems to be whizzing by!


In English this week, the children were lucky enough to have a hot task! This is where they are asked to apply their learnt persuasive techniques to a new context: a Sea World resort! The children were successful in applying their key phrases, exaggeration and they used slogans effectively. I would love to visit some of their parks!


In Maths, the Year 6 children were learning all about percentages (a personal favourite of mine!) and the Year 5 were learning all about the addition and subtraction of decimals. The homework this week is based on these concepts. Enjoy children! smiley


In Science, the children were experimenting with sugar and different temperatures to answer the question: how does the temperature of water affect the speed that the sugar dissolves? Lots of budding scientists here who worked hard to come to a solid conclusion!

In Religious Education, we wrote our own scripts of a conversation between two Christians: John Wesley and Edward Colston. Lots of important dialogue here which illustrated the children’s good understanding of the role of some Christians in the slave trade.


In Art, the children added black, whites and grey using paint to replicate their own version of Picasso’s ‘Guernica’. As you can see, they are very impressive!


Have a great weekend!



Week 3


This week in English, the children have been applying their learnt persuasive skills to sell their ideal holiday resort! Lots of great ideas; from hot tubs on the balcony to excursions to the local aquarium. Well done Owls - try and apply the same brilliance to your homework task this week!


In Maths, the children have been refining their percentage, fraction and decimal skills! Remember children that 0.1 = 10% and not 1% !


In Science, we have been continuing our topic of Properties of Materials - predicting and investigating which materials are soluble (and form a solution) and which are insoluble.






In Geography, we were continuing to practise our six-figure grid references and in Religious Education we were looking at how famous Christians had radically different views on the slave trade. 


In Art we were looking at the famous anti-war painting, Guernia - we will be designing our own version of this next week!


Have a great weekend!



Week 2


In English this week, we have been continuing our persuasive language topic and trying to market our ideal school. Lots of great ideas; from Damien Hirst being the art teacher to each children have their own laptop! Great use of exaggerated language and adjectives!


In Mathematics, the Year 5 children have been learning about percentages and the Year 6 should now know how to convert fractions into decimals!


In Science, we were investigating the conductivity of different metals. I think we all agreed that copper came out top - it made the bulb the brightest!

In Geography, the children have been continuing their understanding of six-figure grid references. This one was a treasure hunt around Chelmsford - it featured the prison, Hylands Park and the sewage works!

Finally, in Art we were looking at the work of Kathe Kollwitz and creating our own charcoal portraits. I think you'll admit, we have some great artists in Owl Class! 

Have a great weekend!


Spring Term 1


Welcome back to a chilly Spring Term. I hope you all had a great Christmas - a big thank you for all your kind gifts! It's was very much appreciated.

This half-term we shall be learning all about Art. Please see the at-a-glance below:



For English, we have been learning how to use persuasive techniques, extended noun phrases and emotive language and to try and sell some old, dodgy houses! Great work from the class - they'll make good estate agents!


In Mathematics, we have been learning how to convert fractions into decimals - we went as far as thousandths. So 1/10 = 0.1, 1/100 = 0.01 and 1/1000 = 0.001! It was challenging but I think we all got there in the end!

In Science, we started our new topic - Properties of Materials. We all investigated which materials were flexible, permeable, hard, magnetic and those that insulated well. Great investigating Owls!







(1)The children will still get either a Maths or English task each week.

(2) The children will have to complete 15 minutes of TT Rockstars.

(3) The children will have 5 spellings which they need to correct and put into a full sentence.


Thank you for your on-going support with homework - I know it can be a bit of a battle sometimes!


Have a great weekend!


Mr Forster :)