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Year 1

Online learning for the week beginning: 1st March 2021

This is our final week of online learning!!! smiley As always the timetable is provided, but please do not put pressure on yourselves and get everything completed. I couldn't have asked for more from the children over these 8 weeks of home school and I really do thank you for your support. 

Below is the link to the timetable and I will continue to post the learning clip links through dojo. 


This week year 1s will be continuing with measurement. They will be using a ruler, measuring length with a ruler, adding lengths, subtracting lengths and then we have measuring game to play on Friday. Obviously the children will need a ruler to carry out some activities this week, but if you don't have one I can always give you one from school just get in contact with me. There are worksheets to complete for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday which are below:


In English this week we will be continuing with The Elephant Dance story and we will be learning how to use commas in a list, learning about metaphors, writing about a dream we may have had and writing sentences about an Indian elephant. On Thursday 4th March it is World Book Day. Obviously it is a little bit different this year but we have some activities planned and I will talk more about these on the day in my morning clip. We will be having a pyjama- rama day instead of dressing up as a book character (more info to come!) Each lesson has a video clip which I will send through on dojo. Below are the worksheets you will need for English this week:



I don't want to go any further with phonics as we will recap the alternative sounds when we are back at school before moving onto phase 5c, therefore there are no video clips for this week. I would love the children to practise lots of segmenting and blending of words, so I have added words which include digraphs from phases 2,3,4 and 5 to practise each day. Obviously some of them are 67 pages long- just do as many as you can/want to! It is all really good practise! 

Reading Vipers

This is our last week on The Squirrels Who Squabbled! Well done for being absolutely amazing with vipers over these last 8 weeks! I hope you have enjoyed both stories smiley Below is the question and answer sheet for this week:


Handwriting over these last 8 weeks has been a huge highlight for me. I can see amazing improvements in everyone! This week we are going to be practising to write the seasons. Seasons do not need a capital letter as they are a general noun and not a proper noun even though they are a name! Just to confuse us! I will do a video clip for this to be used throughout the whole week. 


Below are the resources that you will need for the topic activities this week. I will explain all of this in more detail on my daily clips and on our zoom call. I hope you have enjoyed learning about India smiley

See you on Monday 8th March Doves class!