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Spires Partnership

The Spires Partnership



The Spires Partnership consists of a group of church primary schools within 30 minutes drive of one another. The schools within the partnership are:  


  1. All Saints’ C of E Primary School, Maldon 
  2. St John’s C of E Primary School, Danbury 
  3. East Hanningfield C of E Primary School 
  4. West Hanningfield C of E Primary School
  5. Stock C of E Primary School 
  6. Woodham Walter C of E Primary School


Our shared Christian visions and values shape the aspirations for our school communities.  

 Each school has its own governing body. The schools share common goals expressed via the partnership’s vision, terms of reference protocols and agreements. The partnership can make joint recommendations, but it is up to each individual governing body to authorise plans.   


Our Mission Statement:  

“To develop the right people, to do the right things in the right ways, for the right reasons.” 


  Our vision  

“To support and nurture the Christian ethos of our individual school communities which permeates our shared partnership in order to fully prepare children for their futures.” 

 We  deliver this vision by:  

  • Providing a forum for essential collaboration, using combined experiences, to sustain and develop school improvement  
  • Respecting each school’s individual ethos, culture, values and identity  
  • Ensuring the strengths of each school are identified, celebrated and shared across the partnership.   
  • Providing appropriate support and challenge across schools. 
  • Driving good or outstanding outcomes.  
  • Providing high quality tailored professional development to continually improve teaching and learning.  
  • Moderating assessment judgements to ensure consistency across the partnership   
  • Identifying potential leaders and develop expertise in curriculum areas  
  • Building cohesion, confidence and skills through networking with colleagues  

Responding to national and local initiatives