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Maths Week 7.11.22

Year 5 are really excited to welcome in their parents on Thursday afternoon. They have spent a bit of time learning some new maths games which they are then going to teach and then challenge their parents to play!

Year 5 were set the task of finding as many words as they could which had horizontal symmetry. The children worked strategically to first find the letters then build as many words as they could. The longest word they found was CHICK.

Year 5 have learnt how to play the game Nim this week. We played against friends then started to work out strategies to find a way in which we could always win!

This morning the children in Year 5 have been solving problems with number patterns!

This morning Year 5 went to visit Robins class and helped to run some shops to support the children in their counting. There was a bike shop, a toy shop and a hair salon. The children had a fantastic session together.