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Year 2

Happy New year to you all! I hope you had a lovely Christmas holiday. 

Obviously we have to partake in online learning for two weeks and below is the timetable for the week beginning 04.01.21. It probably will look really overwhelming, but please do not panic! I wanted to plan a normal school week as best I could remotely, however, I don't expect absolutely everything to be completed! I have added a few extra little activities which the children can get on with independently, and simplified some of the learning tasks so that not all need complete adult supervision. I am always available on Class Dojo, or the end of the school office phone if you need me, and will be posting daily video clips so that the children can see me and I can explain each day. 


Any work your child does complete can be posted on their Dojo profile, or emailed to me at and I will mark it.


Below I have written a little explanation for each subject next week. I hope this is clear for you, but like I said please get in touch if you need anything at all!


Stay safe and well! Miss Forman smiley


Year 2 children will be beginning the multiplication and division block of learning. They will be recognising equal groups, making equal groups, adding equal groups, multiplication using the symbol and multiplication sentences from pictures. The video links are located on the weekly timetable, and the worksheets are located below. 


Our new topic is Paws, Claws and Whiskers! I am going to save what I had began to plan for when we return to school, but I have kept the topic and just added some extra books and activities to coincide with it. I am not going to tell you the book focus for this week though as we have a big reveal on Wednesdays lesson! I will send daily video clips of me explaining the English tasks this week, but there is a rough outline on the weekly timetable. 


I will be sending a phonics flashcard video out for the Year 1 children to use and will do the same for Year 2 children, but where we have learnt all of the phonics digraphs now the children are moving onto spelling patterns. There are links located on the weekly timetable for 'the spelling frame' each day which can be completed online. 

Reading Vipers

In school we use Reading Vipers as part of our guided reading sessions. We are going to be looking at the book Meerkat Mail and I hope the children will enjoy it! I will be talking to you more about Vipers when we are back at school, however, for now the children will be focusing on pages 1 and 2 for next week and answering certain types of questions- there are five boxes which means one to be completed each day. My book is at school, so as soon as I get in on Monday morning I will take a photo/ video the pages so that you can use them for the week. 


For handwriting it would be great if the children could practise the Year 2 Common Exception Words. The list is below smiley


Below are the resources you will need for Geography and Science. I will explain all of the topic lessons in more detail during my daily video clips!