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This week we have been learning to...

WC 9th March

This week we have worked really hard to complete assessments.  Year 2 children have also spent time going over these and discussing the best techniques to answer the questions accurately. 


We learnt about how we can keep ourselves healthy and safe from germs, focusing on effective hand washing and how we should be protecting others from germs by sneezing into a tissue and coughing into our elbows. We made posters to share information. 


We have explored different techniques in Art to create our Mother's Day cards. We can't wait to give them to our lovely Mum's and we hope that you like it!  


WC 10th February

This week has been a very exciting one for us with both our family lunch and our class assembly. 

The assembly was fantastic and the children did us proud learning their lines and seeing them with the confidence to stand up in front of everybody to dance, sing and rap was just wonderful! Thank you to all who came along to watch. Here are some of the photos and videos that we showed in our assembly.

Thank you to those of you who joined in with our class lunch, It was really successful and the children really enjoyed your company! 
Wishing you all a fantastic half term!

WC 3rd January

In Maths this week we have been learning about division. We know that division is the same as sharing and we have been using practical equipment to share objects into equal groups. We have identified that ÷ means divide and that the bigger number tells us how many objects we have and that the smaller number tells us how many groups we need.  We have worked hard to ensure that we are counting accurately and we are beginning to record our working pictorially. 

In English we have explored features of non-chronological reports. We know that non-chronological means 'not in order of time'. We have been learning how to use non-fiction texts to research different dinosaurs. We have confidently located dinosaur names in the index of an information book, recorded the page numbers and carefully read information about our chosen dinosaur. We have also used dinosaur focused websites to extend our knowledge and we have worked hard to record facts ready to write non-chronological reports next week. 
We are so excited for our class assembly on Thursday 13th February and we have been practising well, ready to share with our families!  We have also been preparing for our Class Lunch on Wednesday 12th February and we can't wait to have our families join us! 

Here are the links to the two songs that the children may have been singing on repeat! Enjoy!



WC 27th January 2020


We have had a fantastic start to our week with our trip to the Natural History Museum! It was very exciting and we saw lots of amazing things. Our two big favourites were the gigantic moving T-Rex and Andy's clock from Andy's Dinosaur Adventures TV show. We also loved seeing the dinosaur skeletons and other fossils. The workshop was fun, we had to piece together Sophie the Stegosaurus and we were able to share loads of information we already knew about the stegosaurus. 

For more pictures please see our gallery which can be found under parents, then gallery on the main page.  

WC 20th January 2020


Wow what a week in Dove Class!


Our class pet escaped and we could not find him anywhere. It was a very worrying but exciting time!


Here's a breakdown of what happened:


On Monday we came into school and Roary was gone. There were mucky footprints on the floor leading to the library and before long we had a visit from Mr Forster who was cross because the books and tables in the library had been destroyed and he thought it was our fault! We told him about Roary and he suggested we didn't tell Mrs Waters until we had a plan. We went on a search around school and checked all of the rooms and he was nowhere to be found. Mrs Garnham in the kitchen told us that she found mucky footprints too and that lots of ham had been eaten, she was worried about what she would put in the children's baguettes. We went back to class and made plans to get Roary back. 

On Tuesday, there was still no sign of Roary. Mrs Edwards and Mrs Haldane had brought in some ham and bread for their lunch but the ham was eaten with only the empty packet ripped to shreds being left behind. 
We needed to get our plans together and fast!

On Wednesday we set up our trap. We used nets from the gym shed, some bells and a ham sandwich. The design was based on the children's designs. 

On Thursday we returned to school in the morning and thank goodness Roary had returned!


On Friday Mrs Edwards returned Roary to his habitat in our reading corner and he seems happy to stay there! Phew!

In our hunt for Roary this week we have designed and labelled plans, created wanted posters and recorded news reports and kept a daily record of what has been happening.


In Maths we have been working more on place value, developing the children's problem solving and reasoning skills and working on using <>= in number sentences to show greater than, less than and equal to. 


We have been learning about how fossils are formed and why they are important. 

In order to enrich the children's learning, we have arranged a trip to the Natural History Museum where we will take part in a fossil workshop and obviously soak up the fantastic resources that they have to offer. The children were absolutely thrilled to hear about this exciting opportunity! 


Please see the letters section of the website for more information and if you have any queries then please do come and see me.