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Year 1

Online learning for the week beginning: 1st February 2021

Hello smiley Welcome to week 5!

I am so proud that no one is giving up, and the quality of work I am getting from everyone is absolutely spectacular so thank you for your ongoing support. Please remember that maths, English and phonics are the priority, but I am so pleased even if one thing gets ticked off from the timetable! Below is the link to the timetable for week five of online learning, and I will be posting the video clips for English, phonics, reading vipers and handwriting through dojo the previous afternoon/evening ready for the next day of learning.


Last week year 1 children began the place value to 50 unit of work, and they all completely smashed it! This week we will be continuing with this unit and the children will be completing work on one more/one less than, comparing objects within 50, comparing numbers within 50, and ordering numbers within 50. The links for the lessons are on the timetable and the worksheets are below (note there is no worksheet for Friday as an interactive place value game is planned instead). 


The riddles from last week were so much fun to read through, and I loved listening to the children read through them too! The presentation of all of them was brilliant so thank you! 

This week we are going to a complete a poetry unit. I was really looking forward to teaching this in class, but I'm sure you are going to make them amazing at home! We are going to be focusing on the poem 'Do NOT feed the animals' by Robert Hull. 

We will be creating a poster of an animal with details of what not to feed it, we will be highlighting the rhyming words in the poem, writing our own Do NOT feed the animals poems, and then performing our poems at the end of the week. I will send the learning video clips for these lessons on dojo/vimeo from next week. 

Below are the resources for the week that you will need:


The children are coping really well with split digraphs, and I hope the videos are of use! Phonics is extremely important so if the children can keep up to date with the latest digraphs that will be fantastic. There are phonics video clips for lessons Monday- Thursday, and then Friday is a recap lesson and a chance for the children to consolidate their learning through the phonics play games. The activities for the sounds for this week are below:

Reading Vipers

This week the children will answer questions on prediction, explanation, retrieval, summary, and vocabulary. We are very nearly at the end of the book now, and will finish it next week. The video link for each lesson will be sent through to you during the previous day, and the question and answer sheet for this week is below: 


Handwriting this week is a months of the year focus. I will post a learning clip on Monday for months January-June and then on Wednesday I will post another learning clip for months July-December. I am so impressed that the children are making sure that their handwriting and presentation is superb not just in English, but in all subjects smileyyes


Below are the worksheets and resources that you will need for RE, Art, Geography, PSHE, Science, and the other little extra bits for children to do only if they want to. I will explain these more on the morning clips and zoom.