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Happy Monday! 
I hope you have a great week! You've made me so proud during week 1 and 2, keep up the hard work. 

Miss Cormick laugh


This week the children will be learning the alternative pronunication of 'u' (the 'u' in bus and the 'oo' in push) and 'ow' (ow in cow and ow is grow).

I will link the words, sentences and ow task below.


This week you will be writing your own Paddington adventure. I wrote my own, its called Paddington goes to school. I wonder where or what Paddington might do in your adventure, perhaps the park? Space? I can't wait to see them. Here are the resources for this week, there will also be videos linked on DOJO. On Thursday and Friday you will be writing the story so I haven't created any resources as I would just like this complete on lined paper if possible or they can create their own book. I would like to see 2/3 sentences per section. Have a great week.


This is your last full week of addition and subtraction laugh

Please see the link to your worksheet and the video links are on the timetable.


I hope you enjoy the topic activities this week. RE is part of a sequence so if you have missed a lesson complete that first laugh. You will also be starting a DT project this week, how exciting!!