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The East Hanningfield Curriculum


Our East Hanningfield Curriculum is delivered through engaging and exciting topics which are designed to cover the breadth and depth of the skills and knowledge from the National Curriculum. 


We have planned exciting topics which cover knowledge and skills to specifically meet the needs of our East Hanningfield children.


Scroll down to see the range of school and class topics as well as our overviews of our intent, implementation and impact statements for individual subject and curriculum areas.

East Hanningfield Curriculum Intent

Our school vision is: 

We are a warm and caring community where everyone shines brightly and is valued for who they are.


OUR KEY VALUES, demonstrated in and through our curriculum, ARE FOR:

Our community to show respect 

Our community to show responsibility

Our community to show courage

Our community to show compassion

Our community to work and support each other


East Hanningfield Curriculum Implementation

  • We have designed our curriculum to meet the needs and the interests of the children and families who are part of our community. The curriculum is fluid and is reshaped regularly to address current issues that may be either pertinent to our school community e.g vandalism in the local area or wider, global issues such as the war in Ukraine or plastic pollution in the oceans. Our curriculum is broad and balanced and inspires children to question and investigate the world around them.
  • Children at East Hanningfield are safe and happy at school and challenged in their learning. We are ambitious for the children and the academic targets we set for them. The wider and extended curriculum offers which includes a range of sporting clubs which allow our pupils to widen their interests through and beyond the range of curriculum subjects studied. 
  • Our children leave East Hanningfield as independent, confident, successful learners with high aspirations and belief in themselves. Our children are taught about the value of, shown how to, and personally plan and experience the value of giving back to their community and the wider society.
  • The school culture and ethos is inclusive, positive and friendly and pupils at all levels are helped to achieve their potential. 
  • We aim to provide pupils with memorable experiences, in addition to diverse and rich opportunities, from which children can learn and develop a range of transferable skills.



East Hanningfield Curriculum Organisation

Teachers plan both individually and collaboratively. The teaching team collaborates termly to ensure that planning is progressive and spiral and meets the current developing needs of the school. As we have mixed age classes we have a two year cycle in KS1 and KS2. 


Varied and engaging topics are planned across the years which enable the children to develop a real interest in, and a depth of understanding of, the specific subject leading the topic. The topics are cross curricular and although often one subject is focused upon teachers are mindful to plan in many opportunities for applying the taught skills and knowledge of other foundation subjects. Reading opportunities and vocabulary development opportunities are identified as a priority and sought in every topic. Exciting entry points are planned to introduce the topics which enthuse the children and generate questions and interest.


Fundamental British Values and SMSC Values are embedded in the topics and may also be taught as part of a theme day or week across school. For example Anti-Bullying Week and Be Kinder weeks are planned for the whole school.



East Hanningfield Outdoor Learning

Teachers all have doors to the outdoor areas and they plan to make use of the grounds as often as possible to make teaching engaging, varied and memorable. Our outdoor learning environment includes opportunities to study in our:

  • wildlife areas
  • garden area
  • pond area
  • forest school area

Early years use the outdoors for their curriculum and spend a dedicated day a week learning outdoors. 


East Hanningfield Curriculum Enhancements

  • Class visits – eg: Church, Science Museum, Wildlife Park, Farm Visit
  • Residential visit – Y6 children take part in a number of outdoor challenges eg: den building, raft building and orienteering.
  • Visitors to school – eg: parents who share their skills and work experiences, Religious leaders, Drama groups, Dance specialists, Charity professionals.
  • Workshops delivered by specialists – eg: science - Atomic Tom, history - Portals from the past, Music drumming workshop. 
  • Competitions – eg: Science invention, Drawing, DT, Spelling, Talent Show
  • Themed Weeks/Days – eg: British Values, anti-bullying, French Café, Arts Weeks
  • Class Assemblies – children present their work to parents and grandparents
  • Inspire Mornings – parents and grandparents work alongside their children in school, writing poetry, designing and making products or sewing for example.
  • Performance opportunities – eg: Pantomime, Christmas Performances, Performance Poetry, Musical Extravaganza.


East Hanningfield Extra Curricular Clubs

As part of the whole school curriculum offer we also encourage pupil attendance at the variety of Extra Curricular School Clubs which we offer:

  • Choir Club
  • Board Games Club
  • Lego Club 
  • Football Club
  • Gymnastics Club
  • Dodgeball Club
  • Basketball Club 
  • Karate Club


East Hanningfield Tournaments and Competitions

To give the PE experience real purpose and challenge we take part in many competitions and tournaments:

  • Cross Country
  • Teddy 'lympics'
  • Dance
  • Netball
  • Swimming
  • Dodgeball
  • Hockey
  • Multisport (SEND)
  • Cricket, plus many more.


East Hanningfield Pupil Responsibilities

Children are encouraged to take on additional roles of responsibility in school:

  • Lunchtime Monitors (Y6)
  • Library Monitors (Y6)
  • Assembly Monitors (Y6)
  • Reading Buddies (Y6)
  • Classroom Monitors (Y1-Y6)
  • Playground Leaders (Y2 and Y6)
  • School council (incorporating Eco-Council and Wellbeing Council)(Y1-6)