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Weekly Homework

Homework: 25th June 2021

This week the children have their individual spellings and they have a sports day recount sheet where they can write a few sentences about sports day. They could use time connectives such as first, next, then, after that and finally. They need to use capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and apply their phonics to their writing. 


I am looking forward to reading these! 

Miss Forman smiley

Homework: 18th June 2021

Homework this week is maths, and the year 1 children have a worksheet to complete on time as we have been learning to tell the time to the hour and to the half hour. The year 2's have a worksheet to complete on temperature- Remember to use the units degrees centigrade! Both year groups also have their weekly spellings.

Homework: 11th June 2021

This week the children have been looking at household objects from the past. For homework this week their task is to research some facts about the radio, along with learning their individual spellings. 

Homework: 28th May 2021

For over half term the children have a piece of maths homework to complete in either partitioning numbers (YR1) or time (YR 2). There are also the normal 5 spellings to practise which are individual to your child. 

Homework: 21st May 2021

This week both year groups have a sheet with words that include the phase 5 digraphs. They need to look at these words and decide on the correct spelling. 

Year 1 also have a matching activity with split digraph u-e words and pictures.

Year 2 also have a SPaG mat to complete.

Individual spellings for the week are also in their bags smiley

Thank you for your continued support with homework yes

Homework: 14th May 2021

This week the children have maths homework and their individual spellings to learn. The year 1 maths homework is focused on place value to 100 and the year 2 maths homework has a focus of time, specifically 'quarter to' and 'quarter past'.

Great homework on suffixes, spelling and SPaG last week Doves class- Thank you yes

Homework: 7th May 2021

This week the children have English homework to complete. Year 1 have a suffix sheet to complete adding 'er' and 'est' as well as their individual spellings. Year 2 have a SPaG sheet to complete, some spellings to change and their own individual spellings. If homework could come in their plastic wallet that would be fab- only because it keeps it nice and neat in the homework box!

Homework: 23rd April 2021

This week the children have maths homework. Year 1 need to build or draw the arrays at home and then complete the sentences. They have started some work on arrays as part of their multiplication and division unit of work. Year 2 need to follow the patterns and count in fractions. We have been working on our fractions unit of the curriculum over the last couple of weeks. Do they remember the numerator and denominator?


Individual spellings for each child are also part of homework. Please practise these through the week ready for next Friday morning yes

Homework: 16th April 2021

The homework from this week is English. The children need to research their favourite Olympic sport and write some sentences and facts about them. There are also spellings for each individual child and these went home in their book bags today. Well done to everyone for practising their spellings each week! It is making a huge improvement to the spelling in your writing smiley

Homework: 19th March 2021

This week your child has five spellings to learn. These spellings will be any they did not get correct from today (last weeks sheet), or new spellings to practise. Every Friday we do a spelling assessment with Mrs Peacock smiley. Please try and read at least three times through the week to see the reading stars move up and earn the weekly prize from the box!

Homework: 12th March 2021

Homework for the next three weeks is going to be spellings. This week we have completed assessments to see where every child is at with the year 1 or 2 common exception words by reading and spelling them. Each child has six spellings to practise throughout the week based on what spellings they need to master, then, on Friday they will either get a new set of spellings, or they will practise any they find a bit tricky some more. 

If you have any questions about this message me on dojo or see me at the classroom door smiley

Homework: 11th December 2020

This week for English homework the children have to correct the punctuation in the Christmas poem. Wherever there is a green highlight mark I have made a mistake. The children need to correct the mistakes, and then write the poem up neatly in their best handwriting on the lines. 

There are no spellings this week as we will not have time, therefore, the children have a phonics/spelling sheet to complete. 

Miss Forman yes

Homework: 4th December 2020

Homework this week is maths focused. Year 1s have to draw around ten objects and then count on to find how many objects there are altogether. Can your child tell you how many tens and how many ones are in a number?

Year 2s have been working on finding the difference, finding the total amount and finding the change. Can they work out the difference between two amounts? 

TT Rockstars will change to the 5 times table on Saturday 5th December yes


Homework: 27th November 2020

This week homework is to write a fact file about Samuel Pepys. I am looking forward to reading through these! We have learnt a lot about him over the last couple of weeks, and we wrote a character description based on him, so this will help you!

Year 1 have a comic sheet to look through- this is not compulsory it is just to support them with the phase 5 phonics.

I will upload the spellings for each year group too yes  and TT Rockstars is still set to the 10 times table. It will change next week smiley

Homework: 20th November 2020

This week in maths year 1 have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes, and repeating patterns. Have a go at the reasoning question at the bottom of the sheet too!

In year 2, the children have been learning about money. We have been recognising coins and notes, making amounts and finding amounts with different coins and notes. 


TT Rockstars will now be live for year 1 and 2 to have a go at! I have just set it for the 10 times table to start with. Have fun! smiley

Homework: 13th November 2020

This week we have been making lift and flap posters which included questions and answers all about London and The Queen. Other than questions, we looked at exclamation sentences, statements and commands and sorted sentences out with the correct punctuation. 


For homework this week, the children should match the sentences to the sentence types, and write a statement sentence about one of the animals pictured. There is also a reading comprehension to complete about Children in Need, but it is not compulsory!

In phonics this week year 1 have began to learn the phase 5 digraphs ay, ou, ie and ea. The spellings for year 1 this week include those digraphs, and in year 2 the spellings are the common exception words. 


In your child's reading record you should see their TT Rockstars log in stuck in at the front. I will set this from tonight if your child would like to have a go, but I will formally set it as part of homework from next week. 

If there are any questions please message me on DoJo! smiley

Homework: 6th November 2020

This week year 1s have been finishing their subtraction block of work. We started fact families (8) on Thursday, and we will be continuing with this over the next few lessons to embed the learning, as it is one of the hardest maths concepts in year 1 to complete! 

Please do not panic if your child struggles with this- we will be doing some each day in our quick maths too! 

An example of an 8 fact family is: 

3 + 2 = 5

2 + 3 = 5

5= 3 + 2

5= 2 + 3

5 - 2 = 3

5 - 3 = 2

3= 5 - 2

2= 5 - 3


Once the children get the pattern it is easier, and remember we always use the same numbers- it is just the symbols that change smiley


In year 2 this week we have been doing column addition and subtraction. I would like the year 2s to complete some column subtraction (not crossing 10). Remember you always start with the ones column! 

Homework: 23rd October 2020​​​​​

​​​Over half term the children have a phonics spelling activity to complete. Use the Miss Forman writing mat support sheet which is in the packs if needed!


We have been working hard this half term on number formation. It is a requirement for year 1 and year 2 that all numbers are formed correctly. Have a go at the sheet, and ensure that those number 2, 3, 5 and 9s are going the right way!

Homework: 16th October 2020

The year 1 maths homework this week is fact families. Children need to work out the addition sentence by looking at the images of numicon, a beaded string and a bar model. They will then write out all 4 addition sentences. Remember the parts always stay the same they just switch around, and the whole number is always the same. This teaches the children that addition sentences can look different, but they still 'mean' the same. 

In year 2 children have number bonds to 100 in tens to complete. They are great at number bonds to 10, and were recognising the pattern of what the number bond to 100 would look like.

For example:

8 + 2 = 10

2 + 8 = 10

80 + 20 = 100

20 + 80 = 100 


As we have a short week next week there are no spellings to learn, but both YR 1 and YR 2 have a spelling activity to complete. If homework can be in on Thursday instead of Friday this week that would be fantastic, but if not I can look at it after half term smiley


If you have any questions contact me on Class Dojo yes

Homework: 9th October 2020

Over the next couple of weeks we will be writing enchanted stories, and I really cannot wait to read them as the Doves have such fantastic ideas. Choose your favourite book at home, your school reading book, or our class books that we have read together (The Bog Baby or The Magic Faraway Tree) and complete the book review. 


I have also attached the 2013 phonics screening check for you to try if you would like to. These will help to support YR2s with their phonics screening in a few weeks time (details will be sent to you soon), and although YR1s have not been taught the phase 5 digraphs yet, they could still have a go at section 1 that include phase 2 and 3 digraphs!

Homework: 2nd October 2020

This week year 1 have maths homework related to the inequality symbols. The children should look how many objects there are or look at the number in words, and decide which inequality symbol they need to use. The inequality symbols look like < > or =. Remember the inequality symbol always 'eats' the greatest number like a crocodile. See if your child can explain this to you by saying for example "8 is greater than 5". 

Year 2 have a sheet which includes a recap of place value. See if your child can use the correct language of greater than/ less than or equal to rather than just bigger and smaller. 

Homework: 25th September 2020

This weeks homework is English. During our English lessons we have been looking at adjectives to describe objects. We have been discussing our writing and ensuring we understand the grammatical terminology, such as nouns and adjectives. Look at the autumnal pictures and add some adjectives to describe them. 

If you are out and about this weekend, or maybe on an autumn walk see if you can describe the things around you. Send these to me on Dojo as I would love to see them!


Can you practise our Little Red Hen story ready for our Harvest celebrations? Can you remember the actions and words?


Homework: 18th September 2020

This weeks homework is maths related. In Year 1 the children have some place value questions to recap. We have really been trying with our number formation, so please ensure the numbers are formed correctly. 

In Year 2 there are two sheets focusing on numbers in words and digits, and a tens and ones sheet to complete. 


Spellings: We had our first little spelling test this week, (we do it in a fun quiz show way so no one needs to be nervous!) and everyone did really well! Thank you for all your support with this as it builds on the children's learning in phonics from the previous week. 

If you would like to be told what score your child achieved then let me know, but otherwise I will communicate with you if I was concerned about phonics or spelling in any way. The children are doing brilliantly and should be really proud of themselves!


Homework: 11th September 2020

This week we have been looking at woodland animals and we have particularly focused on foxes. Can you tell someone in your family some facts about a fox? 

Choose your favourite woodland animals and write some sentences about it. You could use conjunctions to extend your sentences such as: and, so, because, but. Use Miss Forman's writing help mats to support you. 


Spellings: Year 1 and Year 2 have separate spellings this week. These include phonemes and digraphs we have used in phonics this week. They are fairly easy this week to get children used to practicing again, and into the swing of things. We will have a mini spelling test next Friday morning. 

As always, please try to read 3 times or more through the week with your child to develop their phonics and reading skills- we loved getting prizes from the box today!