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Year 1

Online learning for the week beginning: 11th January 2021

Hello! smiley

I think the majority of people seem to be happy with the timetable created, so I am going to go with that this week again, with the video clips being loaded to dojo/vimeo. If you have any feedback or would like anything else to be included into the weekly plan please do let me know through email or dojo!


Below is the link to the timetable for the week beginning 11th January 2021 yes


Year 1s will be learning subtraction this week. The week will begin with subtraction not crossing 10 and then they will move on to learning how to cross 10 in subtraction. The links are on the timetable for daily video clips, and the worksheets are below:



I hope the children enjoyed the activities based on 'The Tiger that came to tea' last week. This week our focus book is going to be 'Zog' by Julia Donaldson. We will be collecting adjectives, using conjunctions, improving a character description and then writing our own character descriptions. There will be daily video clips loaded to dojo/vimeo each day for the English lessons. The worksheets will be added here through the week.


Please use my video clip from last week for the flashcards. This week we are continuing to recap the phase 5 digraphs we have learnt when we were in school. When we finish the recap stage, I will provide a video clip for a phonics lesson to introduce the new digraphs we haven't covered yet. This weeks digraphs are ir, ue, aw and wh. The activities are linked below:

Reading Vipers

We will carry on with reading vipers this week, and our story of Meerkat Mail. This week we will move along through the story answering questions on summary, vocabulary, inference, prediction and explanation. There will be a video clip link for each lesson sent to you. The question and answer sheet is below:


This week in handwriting we are going to focus on writing the days of the week. This is part of the KS1 curriculum, and is a requirement that all children should be able to spell the days of the week by the end of year 2. A video link will be posted to you for this. 


Below are the resources you will need for Geography, Science and Friday's creative activity. I will explain all of the topic lessons in more detail during my daily video clips!


I thought we could set ourselves a class fitness challenge! The challenge is to walk 35.7 miles over lockdown! This is how long it is from East Hanningfield Primary School - Big Ben in London! You don't have to walk you might want to jog, skip, bike ride, or scooter, but record (in miles) how far you go and see if you can complete this by the end of lockdown! For anyone that doesn't want to partake in this you can still exercise by doing some Joe Wicks work outs- he is back live from Monday!