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Weekly Homework

Homework will be distributed every Friday and will either be an English or Maths task. Homework is expected to be handed in the following Thursday to avoid having to complete it in Golden Time! Children will also be expected to practise their Times Table Rock stars for 10 mins and their spellings with an adult (who will need to sign their diary).  




Homework this week consists of a short Grammar task and a TT grid. Children must match the Grammar term with the meaning and think of a suitable example for each grammatical term. Children must then complete their TT grid, time for 5 minutes and then complete any missed questions in a different colour pen or pencil to show what your child has completed in their 5 minute time slot. 


Please ensure your child is also completing the 10 minute TT Rockstars session and reading regularly. 

Homework 5.11.21

This week we have been developing our understanding of column subtraction with exchange. Children have got an explanation of the expected task in their homework books. Please ensure that your child completes a minimum of 10 problems, showing the method clearly. Please also ensure children complete 10 minutes of TT Rockstars weekly. 

Friday 1st October


Year 3 homework is to rewrite sentences with synonyms for 'said.' The sheets with sentences are stuck in their homework books. 


Year 4 homework is to correctly punctuate the sentences as seen on the sheet. These need to be written in their book please and not on the sheet. 


Spellings are the high frequency words that the children came home with last week.

Friday 17th September

Research a place in the UK and write a non-chronological report about it. It could be a place that you have been on holiday to or a place that you would like to visit or just a place that you want to learn about. Don’t forget to plan what you are going to include. You might choose to include where in the UK the place is, what it is famous or well known for, what the population is etc. Think about the features that you need to include in a non-chronological report and use the checklist below to show what you have included.




This week's homework is consolidation of the place value learning that we have been doing in Maths this week and also focuses on the children being able to write numbers as words (correct spelling). The children have stuck the sheet in their book and also have an additional word search to complete too. Please see the sheet attached. 


Spellings for this week are as below:    


Week 2 (10.9.21)

Atlantic Ocean

North Sea

Celtic Sea

The Channel

Irish Sea


These can also be found in the children's homework/reading diary.





This half term we will be learning about the United Kingdom.

To support the children with accurate spelling in their topic based work, please help your child to spell the following spelling words consistently.


Week 1 (3.9.21)

United Kingdom




Northern Ireland


Week 2 (10.9.21)

Atlantic Ocean

North Sea

Celtic Sea

The Channel

Irish Sea



Week 3 (17.9.21)





capital city


Each week, we will also revise the previous spellings to ensure consistency and precision.