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It's so important to read each day, even if it's just a couple of pages. If you can please use the oxford owl to access e-books. For those who have not be accessing that I have some phase 4 and 5 reading challenges that I will upload. They roughly translate as phase 4 is yellow book band and phase 5 is blue book band. 

Reading skills

So this term we are starting our daily reading skills sessions. For the next 2 weeks we will be focusing on the book The Squirrels who Squabbled, it's a fantastic story. We will be answering 'VIPER' questions. Usually there questions would be answered through discussion so if possible could the parent/adult please scribe the answers on the sheet as I don't want it to become a chore. laugh 

I've read the story so if you click on the little speaker on the top right. Please listen to page 1-6 each day and then go back and answer the questions. I have also recorded audio of me reading the questions. 


This week you are starting length and height. There are lots of practical tasks that will be outlined in the white rose videos so please complete them. There are only 2 worksheets this week. I have uploaded some a PDF of a recap of all the things they've learnt this year, if you have time please complete 2 of these a day. Next week you will need a ruler/tape measure, if you don't have one at home please let me know and I can let you borrow a school one.

Also I've put a little 15 minute slot of reasoning/recap each day instead of top marks games (just to mix it up) if they are enjoying top marks that's absolutely fine to continue. There are 2 days to recap the count in 2s and 5s songs from last term and place value reasoning and length and height reasoning. Enjoy laugh


This term we will be learning about different countries. The first country that we are learning about is....


You will be focusing on the story Elephant Dance by Theresa Heine

Elephant Dance - A Journey to India by Theresa Heine

Ravi and Anjali are fascinated by their grandfather's stories of India, where the sun is like a ferocious tiger, the wind is like a wild horse, and monsoon r...


Back to Phase 5b this week after a recap before half term.

Enjoy laugh