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What we have been learning this week!

Week beginning: 25th September 2023

Good afternoon! 

This week in maths year 1 have been using the inequality symbols (<>=) to compare numbers. They have been using the language less than, greater than and equal to. They also ordered objects and numbers and used a number line to show one more/less than a given number. In year 2, the children have also been using inequality symbols to compare objects and numbers. They then ordered objects and numbers and began counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. TT Rockstars is now up and running for our class and more details about this are on our class page on dojo. 


In English this week the children started their next learning sequence and by the end of next week we will have written our own superhero stories set in East Hanningfield. We began by looking at stories, the authors, illustrators, blurbs, beginning, middle and end. We then looked at adjectives and nouns and described different objects. The children then added adjectives to my spooky story and there were some great words used such as: ugly, horrifying, terrifying, creepy and crooked. In phonics the children have learnt the digraph 'ie' and in SPaG the children have added es to words ending in y. I wonder if they can remember what the word plural means? 


In our foundation subjects we had a brilliant geography lesson on human and physical features. We learnt that human features of geography were man made and physical features of geography were physical. Then, we labelled a picture spotting all the human and physical features that we could find. In science we were drawing pictures of what we would wear in the different seasons and in art we created our Christmas designs ready to send off to the printing company! 


Homework this week is maths and spellings. Year 1 have comparing numbers and Year 2 have comparing numbers and a little bit of counting in 2s. 


Congratulations to Luke and Saylor for their awards yes


Have a restful weekend Doves!

Mrs Woollard smiley

Week beginning: 18th September 2023

Good afternoon! 

This week in maths the children in year 1 have been learning to count backwards from 10, finding one less than a given number, comparing groups by matching numbers and using the language 'fewer, more and same'. In year 2 maths, the children have been writing numbers to 100 in expanded form, labelling a number line in 10s, labelling a number line in 1s and then estimating numbers on a number line. 


In English this week we have been using conjunctions in a sentence, planning a non-chronological report and then writing our non-chronological report up. Our top copies will be finished next week, so I will post them onto dojo! Year 1 have been learning the 'oy' sound in phonics and year 2 have been learning the 'dge' and 'ge' spelling sounds. Everyone has a new booklet ready for them in their homework wallets this week. 


Our learning in the foundation subjects has been really fun this week! The children really impressed me with their recap of the four countries and capital cities of the UK. We then learnt what the flags were called. In RE we were comparing different crosses and in science we used the black out tent, torch and globe to learn why we have day and night. We also produced some fab Picasso art work! 


Homework this week is conjunctions and spellings.


Congratulations to Rory and Kali for their awards today yes


Have a brilliant weekend Doves! 

Mrs Woollard smiley

Week beginning: 11th September 2023

Good afternoon! Our first full week back on timetable and the Doves were amazing! They have all worked so unbelievably hard! 

In maths this week, the year 1 children have been representing objects, recognising numbers as words, counting on from any number and finding one more than a given number. They have been great at getting through their challenges! Our year 2 children have been learning to use a place value chart, partitioning numbers to 100, writing numbers to 100 in words and flexibly partitioning numbers to 100. They have been working straight into their maths books this week and the presentation from everyone has been super! 


In English this week we have been collating information about superheroes, learning about the features of a non-chronological report, we completed a reading comprehension on superheroes and then wrote sentences using the conjunctions 'and' and 'but'. In phonics, we have been learning the 'ay' digraph and in SPaG we have been learning the 'y as igh' sound. Everyone has a phonics/SPaG booklet to read through as part of their homework and they relate to the phonics/SPaG learning from the week. We love our new reading skills book 'Eliott Jones, Midnight Superhero' and the children have predicted what is going to happen and have used interesting vocabulary to describe how people would be feeling if lions were running after them, before Eliot saves the day! 


In our foundation subjects we have been learning the four countries of the UK and their capital cities in Geography, we did some Picasso style art, we played a drama game in RE and we did seasonal changes in Science. Swimming was back this week and the children are ready to be in their new swimming groups next Wednesday! Thank you for organising their kits!


Next week at 2:45pm I will be doing a meet the teacher/little meeting in our classroom to go through what we do in year 1 and year 2 and will be there to answer any questions about the year going forward. If you can attend please come through the front office. 


Homework this week is maths and spellings. I have put some number formation and a whiteboard pen in everyone's homework wallets if you would like to practise at home smiley 


Congratulations to Phoebe and Charlie for their awards in our first celebration assembly of the year yes 


Enjoy your weekend everyone! 

Mrs Woollard smiley

Week beginning: 4th September 2023

Good afternoon! 

What a lovely first week we have had in Doves class and the children have been incredible, especially in these warm temperatures! In maths this week, year 1 have started their place value unit of learning by sorting objects, counting objects and counting objects from larger groups. In year 2, the children have started a place value unit too, and they have been learning numbers to 20, counting objects to 100 by making 10s and recognising tens and ones in a number. 


In English this week we began by writing our summer holiday news and then we focused on sentence structure by writing all about ourselves and our families, and about superheroes! Talking of superheroes, we went on a superhero hunt and worked out the 'what am I?' clues and when we came back to the classroom superhero logos were attached to all of our chairs which must mean we have superpowers when we're in our seats!


I have been doing some reading and phonics assessments with all of the children over the week, just so I know where everyone is at and what each child needs individually to support them in their learning going forward. Normal phonics and SPaG lessons begin next week yes

Our afternoons have been a bit more relaxed this week as we have been settling into the rules and routines of the classroom, but it has been really lovely to see new friendships develop and children talking and playing with some friends that they may have not known as well as before this week. 


We finished the week by watching the cyclists this afternoon in the Tour of Britain! The children were brilliant at cheering on everyone!

Homework set today is spellings and English. Each child should have taken their homework wallet home and this is due in next Friday (or before if you want to get it out the way!) 


Have a lovely weekend Doves class in the sunshine and I will look forward to seeing you on Monday!

Mrs Woollard smiley