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Owl Class - Mr Forster & Mrs Graves

Owl Class' Visit to Hanningfield Reservoir

Year 5 have had a fantastic session of drama today to finish off their unit on Macbeth

Wow- What a fantastic week of homework Year 5

Year 5 - Week 3


Maths- this week year 5 have been looking at adding and subtracting decimal numbers. They have worked with numbers with the same number and different numbers of decimal places and they have had to carry and exchange. They have remembered their written methods really well from earlier in the year- well done year 5!


English- the children began the week finishing off their newspaper reports of King Macbeth's coronation. We have then done some drama focusing on the banqueting scene where Macbeth saw Banquo's ghost sitting on his throne. Today, the children have re-written the Witches' Spell, working hard on their use of rhyming couplets, alliteration and syllables.


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs G

Year 6 - Week 2


This week, in English, we have been writing biographies about Elizabeth Fry and then our own autobiography - we had to use quite a bit of our imagination to think what our lives would be like when we're older!


In maths, we finished off planning our holidays to our exotic locations and then we moved onto income tax and our dream jobs. The children were surprised how much of their wages went on tax!


In computing, we were improving our skills in Excel and solving problems using AVERAGE.


In PE, we continued practising for Sports' Day - fingers crossed the rain stays away!


Have a fantastic weekend!


Year 5- Week 2


Road Safety

The children had a visit from Safer Essex Road Partnership on Wednesday. They took part in an engaging session about staying safe as a pedestrian and then went out into the local area to put what they had learnt into practise. The lady who led the session, Rebecca, emailed that afternoon singing the children's praises. She said they were enthusiastic, engaged and very welcoming to a visitor- well done year 5, I am really proud of you all!


Maths- this week we have moved onto decimals. We have been making connections between numbers facts we know to make ten and one hundred and seeing that we can use those facts to make one using tenths and hundredths. 


English- we are still working on our unit on Macbeth. This week Macbeth has been crowned king! The children have done some drama of the night of King Duncan's murder and have created fantastic story boards retelling the events. They have also started writing a newspaper report for the 'Dunsinane Daily' about the events surrounding the new king's coronation. The children are really engaged with this unit and are producing some fantastic writing! They have created their own homework task this week- linked to Macbeth!


Have a fantastic weekend!

Mrs Graves

Year 6 Week 1


The start of our final half-term has flown by! This week in English, we have been looking at the life of Elizabeth Fry (the prison reformer) and writing our own biographies about her. I have been impressed with the concentration and the results of the children's work: the Year Six are keeping up their enthusiasm in writing!


In Maths, we were looking at solving real-life problems in the context of planning a holiday. First of all, we researched a country we'd like to visit and then created line graphs on temperature and rainfall data. After that, we tried to cost the trip thinking about the parking, flights and transportation budget  - all skills that they will no doubt use in the future! 

In Science, we started our new topic forces and looked at different pushing and pulling forces on objects. 


Have a lovely weekend!


Mr Forster


Year 5- week 1


English- this week Year 5 have begun a unit on Macbeth. Each lesson has begun with some drama in which the children have taken on different roles within the play. We have thought about how each of the characters have felt about different events within the story. The children have written a descriptive piece, a diary entry, a letter and a playscript this week, retelling small parts of the play. They've been fantastic! I'm really looking forward to continuing the story with them next week. 


Maths- this week we finished our shape unit which we began before half term. This week the children have learnt how to find lines of symmetry within 2D shapes and how to reflect shapes over a mirror line- their homework this week reflects this.


Have a lovely weekend!

Week 6- Year 5


Firstly, I would like to say thank you to Year 5 for their maturity this week. We have not been able to use our normal classroom due to the Year 2s doing their SATs so have had to set up and pack away each day in the hall. The children have been amazing! They have worked sensibly in a different environment and have been really helpful to me in ensuring we leave the space ready for assemblies and lunch each day- thank you!


English- this week we have finished our non-chronological reports on Victorian crime and punishment- the children were able to write an introduction, several sub-headinged paragraphs and a conclusion to link crime and punishment then to how it is today. 

Mr Brown has also, very kindly, set us up with pen pals this week, with children from the Year 5 classes in Woodham Walter and All Saints schools, the other schools in our federation. Yesterday we wrote our first letters. Some of the children in our class have even begun receiving letters too! Our aim is for this process to begin at school and for this to then continue in the children's own time as they begin to build a friendship with their pen pal. We hope this will be a lovely introduction to one another an build bonds across the schools within our federation.


Maths- this week we have continued our work on 3D shapes. We investigated faces, vertices, edges and nets of different polyhedral shapes (3D shapes with only straight edges). The children were then challenged to create polyhedral patterns using the 3D shapes they made. We then moved on to co-ordinates towards the end of the week- something the children grasped really well!


Have a lovely half term!

Year 5- Week 5


English- this week we have researched and begun to write non-chronological reports on crime and punishment during the Victorian times. This has been fascinated and we were very grateful that we are in school now and not then! We didn't like the sound of the cane or the dunce hat! We have also been recapping our learning on word classes: noun, adjective, adverb, verb- this children's homework reflects this.


Maths- this week we have continued our unit on shape. We have defined the words: polygon, regular and irregular and worked on measuring length and size of internal angles.


Have a lovely weekend!

Week 5


This week, we have been learning all about The Highwayman - the famous poem of Alfred Noyes. We have then been writing our own poems about the main characters. Look out for this in their homework!


In Maths, we have been applying our maths skills to designing and costing a theme park. The children will have to see how successful they are next week!


In PE, we tested our jumping skills in the high jump and in Art we began creating our own summer paintings - they're coming along well!


Have a great weekend!


Year 6 - Week 4


This week was SATs week - and didn't they all do well? Well done to all the Year Six for persevering, trying their hardest and just getting on with their tests! Great work children!

Year 5- Week 4


English- this week we have been researching and writing about Elizabeth Fry, a prominent figure in British history regarding our prison system. The children conducted their own independent research and then we planned, wrote and edited a biography about her. The children thought about their sentence openers and use of conjunctions and comas to help the flow of their writing but also had to ensure their writing was chronological and in appropriate paragraphs.


Maths- this week we have moved onto angles. The children started the week by looking at degrees. We found out how many degrees an acute, obtuse, reflex and right angle had as well as a half turn and full turn. We then moved on to measuring and drawing angles! Please support your child in their homework, which is to practise this! 


Have a lovely weekend!

Year 5- Week 3



This week Year 5 have worked so hard creating their own news bulletins for The Highwayman. They first practised as a drama and then had to write scripts. They had to include features such as: names in the margin for the speaker, colons to introduce dialogue, stage directions and scene descriptions. They were also challenged to include quotes from the poem- something most of them met! They then edited and improved before performing their final pieces for Mrs Stainsbury. 



The children have worked really hard on reading, writing and interpreting different line graphs, tables and time tables this week. Some of this was quite challenging, especially when they were met with two-way tables but they persevered!



Just a reminder, the children's homework for last week and this week is to write a poem to enter into the Poetry Towers competition. This is due in next Friday- 12th May.


Have a lovely Coronation weekend! 

Year 5's Fantastic Crown Competition Entries!

Week 3 - Year 6


This week, the children have been revising really hard for their SATs and I'm sure they're all looking forward to completing them!

The schedule for next week is:

Tuesday AM - Spelling, punctuation and grammar paper (45 mins)
Weds AM - Reading paper (1 hour)
Thurs AM - Arithmetic paper (30mins) + Paper 2 (maths reasoning 40mins)
Fri AM - Paper 3 (maths reasoning 40 mins)


Good luck all - make sure you get plenty of rest this weekend!


Week 2


Another week has raced by!

In English this week, we have continued to revise for our upcoming SPaG assessments – hopefully the children are all a bit more confident with their subordinate clauses, proper nouns, determiners and prepositions!


In Maths, we have almost completed the curriculum units for Year 6 and have been looking at coordinates, translation and reflection. Now onto revising all that we’ve learnt!


In Science, we learnt about how animals adapt to their environment and in PE we practised different types of throwing.


In Religious Education, we investigated how each religion views peace.


Have a great weekend!





Summer Term- Week 2- Year 5


English- what a fantastic week! The children started the week working on their drama and presenting skills, still linked to the story of the Highwayman. Then they moved on to writing scripts for an episode of the news, reporting the events of the evening the Highwayman was killed. These have been amazing! I have been so impressed! So much so that I was singing their praises to Mrs Stainsbury and she has asked to come and watch them present them next week! What an incentive for their editing and improving today!


Maths- this week we have looked at reading graphs and tables. We have looked at line graphs, timetables and today we are looking at two-way tables. I have been really impressed with the children's willingness to have a go at something completely new! 


Well done Year 5 for a fantastic week! Have a lovely, long weekend!

Summer Term - Week 1 - Year 6


Welcome back to the summer term!

In English, we have been working hard to revise for our SATs and have been looking at all the elements we may be tested on in SPAG including: sub-ordinate clauses, relative pronouns and the past perfect tense!


In Maths, we have been learning about how to label a circle, how to draw and measure accurately and the nets of 3-D shapes.

In Science, we started our new topic - Evolution and Inheritance and looked how we inherit characteristics and how we acquire them. Ask you child to see if they can give you an explanation.


In Art, we started our topic - Designing for a purpose where we created our very own coat of arms that represented our individuality.

Have a great weekend - over to Mrs Graves:

Summer Term- Week 1, Year 5

English- The Highwayman

We have had a fantastic week beginning to look at the poem, 'The Highwayman'. We have looked in detail at the language used and are now able to retell the story from beginning to end. Next week we shall be looking closer at the descriptive language and re-writing sections of the poem into prose.

Maths- area and perimeter

This week, we have been learning how to find the area of rectangles and rectilinear shapes (shapes made up of more than one rectangle) this has been quite challenging but the children have worked really hard! Their homework this weekend is a revision of this.

Year 5- Re-telling The Highwayman through drama and freeze frame

Week 6- Year 5


English- this week we finished our non-chronological reports on sea turtles. We were very lucky that two children in our class have an aunty who works with sea turtles so we had lots of amazing videos and pictures shared with us to support our learning. The children created some fantastic pieces. They worked really hard turning all their notes into complete sentences and organising them into paragraphs.


Maths- this week we moved on to perimeter. The children have found the perimeter of squares, rectangle and regular polygons and have also been challenged to find the perimeter of rectilinear shapes (shapes made up of more than one rectangle). They have investigated with how to draw different shapes with the same perimeter.


Have a lovely Easter break!

Sandon Language Students' Visit

Week 5- Year 5


English- this week we wrote some brilliant balanced arguments answering the question- Should Kensuke stay on the island or leave with Michael? The children were able to write in the third person for both points of view, using excellent sentence openers and then finish with a conclusion giving their own opinion. We ended the week taking notes on sea turtles for a non-chronological report they are going to write next week (homework is related to this).


Maths- this week we linked percentages to our learning on decimals and fractions, the children were quite encouraged to find that 'per cent' meant out of one hundred so they directly linked with fractions with a denominator of 100 and decimals with two decimal places.

Week 5


In English this week, we have been learning about how to write persuasively. We then put this into practise by answering the question - "We should have an extra half-an-hour Golden Time everyday". We had some very strong points of view! 


In Maths, we have been looking at our new topic of angles - measuring and calculating!


In Science, we looked at what we have understood from this half-term's topic: "Electricity"


Remember, if you do want to see your child's recent assessment papers, please let me know.


Have a great weekend!


Week 4


This week was a favourite with the children: TEST WEEK!


We completed the 2019 SATs reading paper, maths and spelling, grammar and punctuation. The children all tried really hard and concentrated well! If you would like to see your child's test paper, please let me know.


As well as this, we conducted experiments using electricity and completed our art "Zentangles".


Have a great weekend!


Week 3:


Year 5:


Firstly, a huge well done to the children for their class assembly this week, they worked really hard to learn their lines, some with some quite tricky language, and shared their learning confidently and clearly. Thank you to those of you who could come and support them!


Within maths this week we have been looking at decimal numbers and how they relate to fractions. We have looked at equivalent tenths and hundredths. The children have used denes, pictures, number lines and place value charts to get a really solid understanding of their worth.


Within English this week, we have continued to look at Kensuke's Kingdom and have finally reached the part where we find out more about Kensuke himself. Yesterday the children then re-wrote a section of his story in the first person.


Today we shall be looking further into Humanism and what it means to be a human being according to the Humanist belief. We shall be thinking about what positive and negative qualities human beings can have and where we think they come from.


Have a lovely weekend!

Year 6


I shall echo Mrs Graves' praise for the Class Assembly! Well done everybody - I think you all did brilliantly!


This week, in English, the children completed a hot task based on a famous person. We are now thinking about how to improve our writing next time.


In Maths, we were working on Statisitcs - plotting and reading line graphs and bar graphs. This helped us in our Science lesson too as we tried to answer the enquiry: "What variable affect the brightness of a bulb?"


IN Art, we were creating Zentangles - some really good ideas and we'll be looking to perfect these next week!


Next week is test week. The Year Six will be practising a past SATs paper in Maths, Reading, SPaG and also writing.

Have a great weekend, smiley


Mr Forster


Week 2 

This week has been a very exciting book week! We have all had time to spend with our buddies, reading stories to one another and Dropping Everything And Reading every day!


Here are some photos of our World Book Day:

In English this week, we have been writing and researching our own biographies about a person of our interest. We will then do a HOT task based on this next week!


In Maths, we have been continuing on our topic of area and perimeter. 


In Science, we started our unit of electricity and in Geography we were looking at the different types of volcanoes and their cross-sections.


We've also been busily practising for our Class Assembly that we look forward to showing you all next week!


Have a great weekend!


Year 5:


Within maths this week we have continued looking at fractions. We have learnt how to find fractions of amounts and how to use fractions as operations.


Within English, we have written a diary entry and a character description of Michael's first introduction to Kensuke. The children are really excited to share some of their writing with you on Wednesday!



Year 5- Week 1 of Spring 2


Year 6 


In Year 6 this week, we have been looking at how to write effective biographies in English. We then went on to write biographies about David Attenborough to tie in with our topic of Extreme Earth.


In Maths, the children completed their unit on fractions, decimals and percentages and completed an end-of-unit test. I was impressed with their marks - they're getting better and better each time! We have now started our new unit based on area and perimeter.


In Geography, we studied the different types of mountain formations - folded, dome and fault line mountains. 


In RE, we started looking at our new topic: Humanism and trying to answer the philosophical question: What makes us human?


On to Mrs Graves...


English- this week we have started a unit studying the book Kensuke's Kingdom, the children have already started reading and comprehending this in Guided Reading session so now we are using it as a stimulus for writing. The children have written an informal letter, a description of the Peggy Sue and today we are going to write a description of an animal that Michael comes across on the island. Their writing has been fantastic! We are hoping to share some of it with you in our class assembly in a couple of weeks!


Maths- this week we returned to fractions. The children have been able to multiply both unit fractions (fractions with a one as the numerator) and non unit fractions by integers. They have done so well at this, I have been so impressed with them all! Yesterday we began to find fractions of amounts and we are going to apply this to some real life problems today!


Have a lovely weekend!

Year 5- Week 5


English- this week in English, the children have edited and published their favourite pieces of Extreme Earth writing which can now be seen on display in the school hall. The children also completed a hot task this week on a biography of a famous person of their choice. Thank you so much if you supported the children in their note taking for homework- they have written very knowledgeable biographies!


Maths- this week the children have perfected their methods for division and have then applied the methods they have learnt for multiplication and division to problem solving. The children have also completed the end of unit assessment on multiplication and division.


Today, in RE, the children took part in a debate where they had to argue the opinion of either: Genesis is fact, the bible is the only truth as to how the world was created; the world was created by the Big Bang and science can explain this or both arguments can be true at the same time. The children prepared, in groups, the arguments for their point of view and then debated against the other view points. They listened beautifully to one another and could respond as well as starting a new point. Well done Year 5!


I hope you all have a fantastic half term break, you deserve it!

Year 5- Creation vs. the Big Bang debate

Week 4- Year 5


This week in English we have been learning how to write a biography and the language we need to use in order to be successful. We have researched Sir David Attenborough and written a biography for him. We shall spend the beginning of next week editing and finishing them before we publish them for our new display in the hall. The children's homework this week is to research a well known person of their choosing who they will then write a biography for, independently, next week. 


In maths we have been continuing to practise our written method for multiplication, we have now learnt how to multiply up to 4 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers, spot errors in methods and find missing numbers in calculations. Next week we shall be moving onto learning a formal written method for division.


Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

Week 4


This week in English, we have writing our newspaper articles based on the Colchester earthquake. All the children have written some fantastic pieces and these will be up for display so you can see them at parents evening!


In maths, we have been learning about decimals and how to divide and multiply them using integers. We’ll have a mini-assessment on Monday to see how we’re all doing!


In science, we learnt all about the food we eat and how it keeps us healthy. We also gave advice to four characters about their diet and how they should improve it!


In geography, we were learning all about navigation and identifying features on an OS map in Snowdonia. We shall be learning how different types of mountains are formed in our next lesson.


Have a great weekend!



Week 3


In English this week, we started our new genre of newspaper reports. We first looked at the features of these reports and then went onto planning our own based on the topic of the 1884 Colchester earthquake! We shall start our writing of these next week.


In Maths, we have been finishing our topic of algebra which we rounded off with an assessment. On the whole, the children did very well – ask your child how they did. Next week, we’ll be moving onto decimals.


In Science, we are progressing well in our animals, including humans topic. This week, we were looking at the importance of exercise and the benefits that it provides for humans and animals.


In Geography, we were looking at the highest mountains and mountain ranges across all seven continents. We will then progress onto reading, planning and measuring on Ordnance Survey maps for our (pretend) trip up Mount Snowdon. Onto Mrs Graves:


This week’s review:


This week in English, Year 5 have been continuing their learning on writing explanation texts, they have written their own independent piece on earthquakes and why they occur.


In maths we have been learning a written method on multiplying first a one digit by 2 digit number then a 2 digit by 2 digit number. This has not been easy but the children have all persevered and had a really good go- their homework this weekend reflects how confident they are on this method. Moving onto multiplication has also highlighted that some of us still need to work on our times tables!


Have a great weekend!  smiley



Week 2


Year 6


This week in English, we have been looking at earthquakes and what causes them. We then used this information to write an explanation text that was engaging for our audience. Next week, we’ll be looking at a local earthquake: The 1884 Colchester earthquake and studying the genre of newspaper articles.


In maths, we have been looking at algebra, expressions and equations. This is really quite a tricky subject but I was very impressed how quickly the children grasped the concept – it must be all the number manipulation we do on a Wednesday A.M!


In science, we did an experiment to measure heart rates to see whether they changed during exercise (they did!). The children then graphed their results and then made conclusions. Over to Mrs. Graves:


Year 5


This week in English, Year 5 have been writing explanation texts. They have researched, planned, written and edited fantastic explanations as to how and why volcanoes erupt. Before we move on from this unit, the children shall be writing their own explanation texts independently next week on earthquakes. Hopefully they will be able to use the skills they have practised this week and write another equally superb, explanation text.

In maths we finished our unit on fraction with subtraction. The children have: subtracted fractions with the same denominators; found equivalent fractions to subtract with different denominators; subtracted fractions from a mixed number and subtracted mixed numbers from mixed numbers. This weekend their homework is to create a poster reflecting our unit on fractions!


Have a great weekend!



Week 1


Here are our learning intentions for this term's topic 'Extreme Earth':



This week, we have been writing explanation texts on volcanoes. The children have been successfully researching, planning and writing using a range of 'casual conjunctions', and other grammatical features. The children wrote some really high quality pieces - next week it's all about earthquakes!


In Maths this week, we have been completing our ratio unit and we finished this with an assessment unit. On the whole, the children all did well - ask your child how they did!


In Science, we started our unit 'Animals, including humans'. We learnt how to label different parts of the circulartory system, learnt about arties and veins and the incredible job the heart does! Over to Mrs Graves:


In maths this week, Year 5 have been learning how to add fractions. We began by adding fractions with the same denominator and have progressed onto adding fractions with different denominators, so having to find equivalent fractions before being able to add them.


Within English this week we have been writing newspaper reports. We wrote a report on a tornado in Sheffield and today the children have done an independent piece, using the skills they have learnt this week on a World Record breaking event of their choice.


Have a great weekend!




The children have all settled in well for these two days! We have been learning all about our new topic in RE: Science and Creation - conflicting or complementary? We have also been continuing our Maths ratio learning and revising our Year 6 grammar. Much more learning next week!

Mrs Graves:


It has been lovely to have Year 5 back after our two week break. We have hit the ground running by starting our Extreme Earth unit! We are beginning by looking at writing recounts in the form of newspaper articles. So far we have looked at writing quotes and how to make these emotive and punctuate them correctly and today we have worked on orally retelling an event by writing the autocue for a news report. We then worked in small groups to film these reports, which I will share on the Class page for you to watch.


Within maths we have continued our unit on fractions by looking at comparing and ordering fractions under 1. We have compared fractions with the same denominators or the same numerators and today we looked at comparing fractions by finding equivalent fractions- their homework tonight will reflect this.


Have a great weekend!



Week 7


Another fun-packed week has raced by!


In English, the children have been looking at the video of the “Christmas Truce” and writing a letter home based on this incredible event. The children all wrote with great empathy and used a range of techniques to engage the reader. We’ve also been practising our grammar with our weekly “Grammar Hammer!”


In Maths, we’ve been cracking on with ratio, fractions and scale drawing! We’re still working hard!


In DT, we’ve been evaluating our steady hand games and also crafting Christmas models.


In Art, we created winter scenes and the results were very impressive!


Have a great weekend!


Year 5


Within maths this week we have been continuing our unit on fractions and have been converting between improper fractions and mixed numbers. We have found this quite tricky so have used a lot of images to support our workings.


Within English, we have been looking at the John Lewis Christmas advert about Moz the monster. The children have written fantastic descriptions of Moz in the third person and have then rewritten the story in the first person from the point of view of Joe.



Week 6


In English this week, we have been describing a scene and applying our skills that we learnt earlier on in the year. 


In Maths, we have been looking over our test papers and seeing whether we could identify and correct any errors that we made.


In DT this week, we were constructing our steady hand games using an electronic circuit. We had some successes and these two worked really well:



We also welcomed the Sandon Language leaders who came to teach us some Christmas French. Tres bien and merci!

Finally we have been rehearsing for our big show on Monday - we can't wait to show it to you all!


Have a great weekend!


Week 5


This week has been TEST week - a favourite amongst the children (!).


In Year 6, we did the 2022 practise SATs - Reading paper, 3 maths papers (arithmetic, paper 2 and 3), Spelling Punctuation and Grammar paper and a writing assessment. Well done to all the Year 6 for their brilliant efforts! If you would like to see your child's paper so you can provide support at home, please send me a Dojo. 


This week, we also visited the British Museum - the children were able to see REAL LIFE mummies, ancient statues and jewellery that is over 3000 years old. They all behaved well and did East Hanningfield proud!


Here are some photos of our day:

Have a great weekend!


Week 4


This week, we have been writing our introductions about stories from other cultures and following the story of Hapunda and the Patzcuaro Lake. We tried to write as descriptively as possible and there were some brilliant pieces of work!


In Maths, we have been learning all about converting metric measurements and learnt about how to calculate miles to kilometres.


In History, we have been studying about primary and secondary sources and looking at the famous pictures from Fredrick Catherwood.

For homework this week, the children have been given the task of learning their lines for the Christmas play as it is fast approaching!


Have a great weekend!



Week 3


In English this week, we have been reminding ourselves how to write instructions (as it’s been quite a while since we did our last ones – what with maths week and all) – we then wrote a hot task (independent task) about how to build a better world! There were some great ideas!


In Maths, we have continued with fractions and solving problem using them. The children are all looking forward to the fraction assessment next week!



In DT, we were designing our “steady hand game”: ready to build over the next couple of weeks!


Finally, in History, we looked at famous Maya gods and writing fact files about them.


Over to Year 5:



This is what we’ve been up to this week:


This week in Year 5 we have been looking at multiplying and dividing whole numbers by 10, 100, 1000 and finished the week today on using multiples of 10, 100, 1000. The children have done really well and seem to have really grasped the importance of places holders!


In English this week we have been working on writing instructions, their homework reflects this. We have looked, in detail, at the Mayan ball game Pok-ta-Pok and then written a set of instructions for the game. The children have done really well, including all the features and the language necessary to write a successful set of instructions.


Have a great weekend!



Maths Week!!


In Owls, we played a variety of maths games, measured trees using pencils and perspective, did intergalactic problem solving and escaped from Lochdale Manor. Some even tried the Primary Mathematics Challenge!


Thank you to the parents for coming in and playing maths games with the children. They really enjoyed it and was the highlight of their week!


If you would like to access some of the materials we used during the week, please go to our website here where they can be downloaded.



Please check out some of our maths week photos in the gallery:


Have a great weekend!





Autumn Half term 2


Welcome back to the second half of the Autumn term and I hope you all had a great break. Below is a quick at-a-glance overview of what we'll be learning this term (+ Christmas activities!)

Year 6


In English this week, the children have started their new writing genre topic - Instructions. They began by analysing a good piece of writing and then applied this to their own instructions about Maya ball - which used to be quite a gruesome game played in the Mayan era. The children have also completed a 'hot task' and many of them have shown good progress since the last one! Great going!


In Maths, the children completed the first section of learning about fractions and completed an assessment - ask your child how they did. We now will move onto more fractions which will involve multiplying and dividing fractions by integers. 


In Science, children completed their end of topic assessments based on Living Things. In DT, we began our topic of designing a steady-hand toy - but first of all, we had to do our market research! Onto Year 5:

Year 5 


This week in year 5, we have been using figurative language to write poems about Halloween and Bonfire Night. The children have learnt similes, metaphors, alliteration, onomatopoeia, personification and hyperbole! They have really grasped the different types of figurative language, it’s been fantastic to read their poems! I hope you are impressed when they come to do their homework too!


In Maths, we have been looking at different types of numbers. We have found factors and multiples, prime and composite and square and cube numbers! Although these terms come up quite regularly in our day to day mathematical discussions, it has been really nice having the time to spend really getting to grips with each of the different types of numbers and identifying them up to 100!




Have a great weekend!



Week 6


Just another week to go - this half term is racing by!


In English, we have been looking at explanation texts. The children planned and wrote their very owned based on a subject of interest. We had quite a variety of topics from the rules of football, to World War II to the best way to look after pets. Their homework follows on from this and I look forward to reading their efforts!


In Maths, we completed an assessment on addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Ask you child how they did; the assessment was a little trickier than the previous one. We are now looking at fractions - including equivalent fractions and counting on fractions on a number line.


In Science, the children were plotting bar graphs and writing conclusions based on their mould experiment.  


In RE, the children were producing a double paged spread based on the question: "What does being a Buddhist make to everyday life?". There were some brilliant designs that you can see at parents' evening!


Have a great weekend - on to Mrs Graves:

This week Year 5 have been finding the inverse of the operations addition and subtraction, we have found this quite tricky as they are working with quite large numbers now but their perseverance has been fantastic! They have also become much more confident in spotting errors and making their own corrections.

In English this week we have been looking at characteristics of heroes and villains in preparation for writing their own adventure story next week- Flushed Away 2! They have created their own villains and today have planned their stories. I can’t wait for them to get writing next week!



This week, we have been looking at the incredible artefacts that were found in Tutankhamun’s tomb. We asked some pertinent questions and then used our research skills to find accurate answers.


In Science, we were learning all about micro-organisms namely fungus, bacteria and viruses and learnt how sometimes these can be beneficial. We then created our own experiment with bread and tried to predict what factors would affect mould growth – light v dark places, warm v cold, damp v dry.


In Year 6 maths, the children have been practising their long multiplication, division and correct order of operations.


It also prepared for our Harvest Assembly – I thought they did brilliantly in the church – well done all!

This week, Year 5 have been focusing on writing the prose to go with different angle shots within a film. We have thought about why characters appeared to be larger and more prominent in a scene and others were smaller and perhaps lower down on the still. We are working really hard on reading through our own writing and editing before finishing.

Within maths we have been practicing our methods for addition and subtraction. We have been using rounding to estimate and check our larger calculations.




This week, we finished off our recount topic with a hot write! It was all about a big event! Once marked, I will be giving the Year Six children three targets on how they can improve their writing. Look out for these at parents' evening!


In maths, we have had a very tricky week! We looked at long multiplication and long division - two quite difficult areas! Most of the children appeared to understand well - practise makes perfect though!


We have also be busily preparing for our Harvest assembly - we look forward to seeing you all there on Thursday. 


Also. well done to the Year 5/6 football team! They did brilliantly on Wednesday and worked really well as part of a team. Great job boys!



Over to Mrs Graves:


This week year 5 have been continuing our visual literacy unit and have been writing paragraphs to accompany different types of shot used in a film: long shot, medium shot and close up shot. Through doing this we have been working on our descriptive language and today we shall be focusing on the use of dialogue.


In maths we have moved onto our unit on addition and subtraction, we began by working on our mental methods and are now ensuring we all have a confident and effective written method before moving onto problem solving next week.



This week in English, we have been looking at the diary of an Egyptian slave. From this piece, we "magpied" (borrowed), lots of great vocabulary that we then put into our very own retelling. The children worked really hard and we're still developing our editing skills to ensure our writing is to the Year 6 standard!


In Maths, we have been working on prime numbers, factors, multiples, square and cube numbers. Phew - there were some tough problem solving questions, but we all tried really hard!


In Science, we continued with our classification of animals and next week, we're going to be creating our very own animals and classifying them!


Year 5 have been working hard on getting to grips with rounding numbers this week. We have focused on rounding large numbers to the nearest 10, 100, and 1000 ready to move onto 100,000 and nearest million next week.


In English we have been finishing our non-chronological reports which are now displayed in our classroom and a few in class four! Yesterday we watched Flushed Away ready to start our visual literacy unit. Our first session, today, involved us writing the prose to accompany a scene with tension.


Have a great weekend, all!





In English, the children have been continuing their recounts on the discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb. We have been practising how to write speech correctly (see this week's homework!) and writing descriptively (remember those amazing adjectives and advanced grammar, Year 6!).


In Mathematics, we had an end of block assessment. I was impressed by the brilliant progress some of the children had made. We are now venturing onto our new unit - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Today was a factors revision lesson - we were using 'concrete' (real) apparatus to improve our understanding of them:

In Art this week, the children were learning how to create monoprints. Some of these didn't go quite as expected and we will look to improve our techniques in the weeks to come!



Our Year Sixes also met their buddies today (Friday) and shared books and stories with them. I was very impressed with the maturity and caring nature they showed towards our younger learners. Well done!

And over to Mrs Graves:


Here’s what Year 5 have been up to this week!


This week in maths, Year 5 began the week by increasing and decreasing large numbers by 10, 100, 1000, and 10,000 and have since been reading, writing and partitioning large numbers. Today we began to compare them. The children have had to be able to represent these skills in different ways, spot and explain errors and problem solve! Next week will be our final week on number and place value.


In English this week we have been working towards writing a non-chronological report on the Egyptians. The children have worked in teams to collect notes (they have also added the facts they found for their homework) and have designed their own layouts. Today we worked really hard on writing introductions which answered the four questions: who, what, where and why? Next week we shall we creating our final pieces which we shall share on here!


Have a great weekend!


Our Autumn 1 Curriculum!


Welcome back!


The children have settled in really well this week and I have been impressed with the standard of work they have been producing!

Year 6


In English, we have been looking at recounts. We have looked at the incredible discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb by Howard Carter and have been using a range of descriptive strategies to really bring our writing to life!


In Maths, we have been learning about place value, number lines to 10,000,000 and how to compare and order integers (that's whole numbers!).

In Science, we started our topic of Living Things and Their Habitats. The children have been learning how to classify animals and invented some very interesting ways of doing so!


In Art, we started our topic of Architecture by trying to buildings in detail and with accuracy. In PE, we started our new topic of basketball!


The Year Six have been set three items for their homework:

- 5 spellings they need to write into full sentences

- on-line maths questions (

- TT rockstars


Have a great weekend!



Over to Mrs Graves:


This week Year 5 have been getting to know their new routine! They have mastered working in both the House with Mrs Graves in the morning and then spending the afternoon in Class 4 with Mr Forster and Year 6. Well done Year 5 for taking to this change in such a mature way!


In English this week, we have been writing recounts about the discovery of King Tutankhamen’s tomb from either the point of view of Howard Carter or one of the water boys working on the archeological dig site. The children have worked really hard on writing an introduction which doesn’t give away what happens and then using temporal conjunctions to link their paragraphs within their recounts. It has been wonderful to see their recounts coming together across the week!


In Maths this week we have been reading, writing and partitioning big numbers, finishing today on numbers up to 1 million! We have thought about the importance of using commas in big numbers to help us read them accurately and zeros as place holders so our numbers don’t slip into their wrong place. We have also done a TT Rockstars baseline and begun working on the appropriate times tables for individuals which still need to be learnt!

Have a great weekend!