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Owl Class - Mr Forster & Mrs Graves



This week, we finished off our recount topic with a hot write! It was all about a big event! Once marked, I will be giving the Year Six children three targets on how they can improve their writing. Look out for these at parents' evening!


In maths, we have had a very tricky week! We looked at long multiplication and long division - two quite difficult areas! Most of the children appeared to understand well - practise makes perfect though!


We have also be busily preparing for our Harvest assembly - we look forward to seeing you all there on Thursday. 


Also. well done to the Year 5/6 football team! They did brilliantly on Wednesday and worked really well as part of a team. Great job boys!



Over to Mrs Graves:


This week year 5 have been continuing our visual literacy unit and have been writing paragraphs to accompany different types of shot used in a film: long shot, medium shot and close up shot. Through doing this we have been working on our descriptive language and today we shall be focusing on the use of dialogue.


In maths we have moved onto our unit on addition and subtraction, we began by working on our mental methods and are now ensuring we all have a confident and effective written method before moving onto problem solving next week.



This week in English, we have been looking at the diary of an Egyptian slave. From this piece, we "magpied" (borrowed), lots of great vocabulary that we then put into our very own retelling. The children worked really hard and we're still developing our editing skills to ensure our writing is to the Year 6 standard!


In Maths, we have been working on prime numbers, factors, multiples, square and cube numbers. Phew - there were some tough problem solving questions, but we all tried really hard!


In Science, we continued with our classification of animals and next week, we're going to be creating our very own animals and classifying them!


Year 5 have been working hard on getting to grips with rounding numbers this week. We have focused on rounding large numbers to the nearest 10, 100, and 1000 ready to move onto 100,000 and nearest million next week.


In English we have been finishing our non-chronological reports which are now displayed in our classroom and a few in class four! Yesterday we watched Flushed Away ready to start our visual literacy unit. Our first session, today, involved us writing the prose to accompany a scene with tension.


Have a great weekend, all!





In English, the children have been continuing their recounts on the discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb. We have been practising how to write speech correctly (see this week's homework!) and writing descriptively (remember those amazing adjectives and advanced grammar, Year 6!).


In Mathematics, we had an end of block assessment. I was impressed by the brilliant progress some of the children had made. We are now venturing onto our new unit - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Today was a factors revision lesson - we were using 'concrete' (real) apparatus to improve our understanding of them:

In Art this week, the children were learning how to create monoprints. Some of these didn't go quite as expected and we will look to improve our techniques in the weeks to come!



Our Year Sixes also met their buddies today (Friday) and shared books and stories with them. I was very impressed with the maturity and caring nature they showed towards our younger learners. Well done!

And over to Mrs Graves:


Here’s what Year 5 have been up to this week!


This week in maths, Year 5 began the week by increasing and decreasing large numbers by 10, 100, 1000, and 10,000 and have since been reading, writing and partitioning large numbers. Today we began to compare them. The children have had to be able to represent these skills in different ways, spot and explain errors and problem solve! Next week will be our final week on number and place value.


In English this week we have been working towards writing a non-chronological report on the Egyptians. The children have worked in teams to collect notes (they have also added the facts they found for their homework) and have designed their own layouts. Today we worked really hard on writing introductions which answered the four questions: who, what, where and why? Next week we shall we creating our final pieces which we shall share on here!


Have a great weekend!


Our Autumn 1 Curriculum!


Welcome back!


The children have settled in really well this week and I have been impressed with the standard of work they have been producing!

Year 6


In English, we have been looking at recounts. We have looked at the incredible discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb by Howard Carter and have been using a range of descriptive strategies to really bring our writing to life!


In Maths, we have been learning about place value, number lines to 10,000,000 and how to compare and order integers (that's whole numbers!).

In Science, we started our topic of Living Things and Their Habitats. The children have been learning how to classify animals and invented some very interesting ways of doing so!


In Art, we started our topic of Architecture by trying to buildings in detail and with accuracy. In PE, we started our new topic of basketball!


The Year Six have been set three items for their homework:

- 5 spellings they need to write into full sentences

- on-line maths questions (

- TT rockstars


Have a great weekend!



Over to Mrs Graves:


This week Year 5 have been getting to know their new routine! They have mastered working in both the House with Mrs Graves in the morning and then spending the afternoon in Class 4 with Mr Forster and Year 6. Well done Year 5 for taking to this change in such a mature way!


In English this week, we have been writing recounts about the discovery of King Tutankhamen’s tomb from either the point of view of Howard Carter or one of the water boys working on the archeological dig site. The children have worked really hard on writing an introduction which doesn’t give away what happens and then using temporal conjunctions to link their paragraphs within their recounts. It has been wonderful to see their recounts coming together across the week!


In Maths this week we have been reading, writing and partitioning big numbers, finishing today on numbers up to 1 million! We have thought about the importance of using commas in big numbers to help us read them accurately and zeros as place holders so our numbers don’t slip into their wrong place. We have also done a TT Rockstars baseline and begun working on the appropriate times tables for individuals which still need to be learnt!

Have a great weekend!