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Year 1

Online learning for the week beginning: 18th January 2021

Good afternoon smiley

Thank you once again for all of the continued support and work that is being posted to me on Dojo or through email. The children are doing incredibly well, and I hope they remain positive with their online learning for this week which is half way through this term! Below is the link to the timetable for the week beginning 18th January 2021, and I will be posting learning video clips through dojo each night before. 


Year 1s will be learning about related facts and comparing number sentences. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday's lesson is a recap about the previous learning from the beginning of January. Wednesday and Thursday's lesson is a PowerPoint. There are 2 versions..... one to look at the screen and the answers will appear as you click through, and another where I have deleted the answers in case you want to print it off. I hope that makes sense! The links for lessons are on the timetable and the worksheets/PowerPoints are below:


The work from last weeks sequence of lessons was incredible! By the end of the week I had capital letters, full stops, adjectives and conjunctions in all the correct places which made me a very happy teacher smiley. This week we are going to build up to writing an animal story. There will be daily video clips loaded to dojo/vimeo each day for the English lessons. The worksheets are below:


Please keep using my video clip from the first week for flashcards. This week we are revisiting the digraphs: ph, oe, ew and au. The activities linked to the digraphs are below:

Reading Vipers

This week I will continue the story of Meerkat Mail and the children will be answering questions on retrieval, summary, vocabulary, inference and prediction. There will be a video clip link for each lesson sent to you. The question and answer sheet is below:


Handwriting this week is a number formation focus. I will do a video clip which can be played daily. It is quite common in some year 1 and 2 children (every year) for their numbers 2, 3, 5, 7 and 9 to be backwards, so this is a great opportunity to correct that and practise forming numbers from 1-20. 


Below are the worksheets and resources that you will need for the art, Geography, History and science lessons and also the word search and little bits for creative time this week. I will explain all of this in more detail during my daily morning run through of the day! 

Have a super week Doves smileyyes