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This week's Learning

We had a busy few weeks in Robin class with sports day, a visit to the church and of course our ice cream party!
This week the children completed a science experiment, they have to use their prediction skill to guess how many water droplets can be dropped on a penny before it spills. The children had to try to work scientifically by adding equal sized drops, counting very carefully and trying to make it a fair test by using the 'heads' size of the penny. After we finished the children had a discussion and were all surprised by how many water drops would fit. Our top score was 28! We also discussed what we think would happen if we used a 2 pence coin. 

Another amazing week in Robin class, the year ones wrote brilliant stories this week! Miss Forman and Mrs Waters came and read them and they were really impressed! πŸ€©πŸ‘πŸ». The early years children have been so motivated by our caterpillar topic this week and have been challenging themselves to write “I can see…” sentences. All of the children also had the opportunity to create a cucumber caterpillar too! On Thursday afternoon we made seed bombs, we used wild flower seeds that are great for butterflies and bees. They also made one to take home, hoping that our caterpillars will visit gardens when they are butterflies. After outdoor learning the children designed their Olympic t-shirts, they looked brilliant! We are making them next week so their white t-shirt needs to be in on Monday (named and on a coat hanger if possible as this will help them to dry). It’s going to take a couple of afternoons as they need to draw their design and paint the front and back. The children will be able to wear their Olympic t-shirt for our KS1 Olympics in the last week.

We’ve had another brilliant week in Robin class! 😊 The children have worked so hard this week and they have all done some amazing writing. The early years children have been independently writing about the sports that they like and the year ones have made their own comic book inspired by the story ready, steady, Mo!

Today has been particularly exciting as the children got to look at the different book character, they were all amazing 🀩. We also have had a special new arrival πŸ›. We have 5 little caterpillars! We will be taking a one week break from our Olympic topic to have a science filled week. Our book next week is the very hungry caterpillar and I’ve planned some really fun challenges! This afternoon the children all suggested a name for the caterpillars and we pulled 5 out of the box. They are Spike, Lovely, Donut, Sonic and my favourite Hot Diggety Dog! 🌭

The children also completed a PSHE task and they had to think of what made a good team player. We played some team games this afternoon and they had to reflect on what they did well and then they gave themselves a rating out of 5 on their special medals. πŸ…

Have a great weekend! 😊

Another amazing week in Robin class 🀩
The year ones finished their Olympic booklets which are brilliant! πŸ‘πŸ»
We then had a really fun afternoon of art. The children had to invite the team GB symbol using paint, watercolours or pastels. They learned that lions are an English symbol, ask them why and they can let you know! 🦁
In our outdoor learning session the children went on a nature scavenger hunt and had to find something rough, yellow, delicate etc

This week the year ones have been learning about arrays and how arrays are made up of columns and rows. We spotted arrays around our classroom and drew our own.

Cooking Earth biscuits 🌍
Our book this week has been “Here we are” by Oliver Jeffers. The children have been learning about how to look after our planet and talking about everything that makes our planet wonderful. Today we made Earth biscuits and this afternoon we will be doing some shaving foam art to create a green and blue pattern for Earth😊