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Useful documents

Here's the phonics powerpoint from our phonics meeting on 12th November. I hope you found it informative laugh

Here are a few websites that we often use in class to support learning


Phonics play

Top marks maths

BBC bitesize



Phonicsfamily- this accounts gives lots of ideas of how you can support with phonics to support reading and writing. They have some fantastic posts like “How do I teach my child to read?” and tips to encourage blending.

Miniwritersclub- this account also has lots of great ideas of how to support with phonics, they share lots of fun and engaging ways to encouraging name writing, segmenting and blending.


Reception baseline assessment information for parents

A guide to phase 1 phonics

Phase 1 phonics is essential to help the children to become ready for reading and writing. This document gives a brief overview of what it is and how you can support further at home.