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Autumn 2

Our topic for Autumn 2 is 'Wonderful Wildlife’. 



The children will enjoy a range of texts this term including the Gruffalo, Percy the park keeper and Winnie the Pooh. The early years children will continue practising labelling pictures and their drawings with initial sounds and progressing to segmenting simple words. We will also start some guided writing sessions. The year one children will start the term by writing autumn poetry. They will use their knowledge of adjectives and create descriptive autumn senses poetry. They will also be writing a narrative based on woodland creatures. The year ones will be taking part in guided reading lessons where they will read the story ‘Bog Baby’. This will be an opportunity for them to develop their vocabulary, inference, predictions, explanation, retrieval and summarisation skills. 



Year 1 will begin to learn the phase 5 digraphs and some spelling patterns. We will be focusing on the year 1 common exception words as part of their spellings each week for homework. It is still crucial to embed the learning of the phase 3 digraphs, therefore, we will be revisiting these at the beginning of each phonics lesson through flashcards. These are in your child's phonics booklet, so please continue practising these each time you read.

The early years children will continue to learn the phase 2 digraphs and we will then spend a week consolidating reading these sounds in simple words. Please continue practising their phonics booklets when you read daily as this will really help them to secure their blending of sounds.



Year 1 will be finishing their block of subtraction before we move onto recognising and sorting at 2D and 3D shapes. We will also be working with numbers from 11-20, writing numbers in words, tens and ones, comparing objects, numbers, ordering groups of objects and ordering numbers. 

The early years children will be focusing on the shapes circles and triangles and will have the opportunity to create these in our continuous provision for example using the creation station to create prints, the building area to see which shapes have triangular or circular faces. The children will also be focusing on the numbers 1, 2 and 3 and recognising the numeral, counting objects. They will also learn how to subitize up to 5. Here is the song that we will be using to support this.



We will be continuing our work on plants by looking at plant habitats and the flowering plant life cycle. We will be developing our scientific skills by observing changes and how plants change over time. This term a lot of our science will be achieved through our outdoor learning sessions which the children absolutely love! We will also continue learning about seasonal changes and observing the weather patterns. We will also learn about animals and their habitats and how they differ.



This term we will be focusing on the countries in the United Kingdom and their capital cities. The children will also learn that these countries are made up of cities, towns and villages.



We will complete some firework art, spotty art for Children in Need and learning about the artist Yayoi Kusama and remembrance day art to coincide with these dates, and then continue building our repertoire of different mediums.  


Religious Education:

This term in RE we will be looking at special people by learning about Ella Chadwick and what makes her special (she is very kind, selfless and brave!), we will then learn about special people in Christianity and Sikhism. 



Our PE this term will be ball skills! Our PE lessons will be outside, therefore, especially as the weather is going to be a lot colder please ensure your child has a hoody (preferably navy/dark blue) with a white polo top and some joggers with trainers. The children will also be learning about healthy living and how they can try to stay fit and healthy.



This term the children will start weekly cooking sessions; I’ve planned for these to be on Fridays but may change on the odd week. As part of the design and technology curriculum they need to learn “how to cook”. Of course cooking is a very cross curricular activity as they will have to read and follow instructions, it’s great for language, it will develop their understanding of capacity and different measures, it’s great for motor skills as they will be kneading and mixing as well as being lots of fun! We will start by making Gruffalo crumble.



Homework will still continue to be handed out on a Friday, and to help minimise extra things coming into school that you upload a picture of this to DOJO. I will rotate homework each week as to whether it is Maths or English, and spellings will be given each week. 

Thank you for all of your continued support with homework over the last term! 

Reading at home is equally as important, and I was so pleased to see children within KS1 achieve their bronze badge for reading over 50 times last half term. I know that there are many children who were so close or have just achieved it over half term. I think we will have so many children getting into the bronze club or even the silver club this term! 


I am looking forward to another great term of what I hope will be a fantastic topic for the children. I’m excited to share the progress of the year ones at parents evening this term and of course we have Christmas to look forward to as well (I love Christmas so our classroom will become a grotto!).


Stay safe and if you have any questions please message on DOJO.


Miss Cormick