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Summer holiday homework


We have finished our recap of the phase 3 sounds. There are no new sounds learned in phase 4 but there are consonant blends for example the 'st' in nest or 'dr' in drink. I will upload some phase 4 words that you can practise reading over the Summer holidays.

In the Autumn term the year one children will start learning the phase 5 graphemes. In the last week I also worked with every child to give them/reissue sound/tricky word books. Please continue practising them over the Summer. If your child knew the phase 3 graphemes and the phase 2 to 5 tricky words I have sent home the year 1 common exception words. When your child is in year one they need to be able read these and then spell them throughout the year.

Phase 3 Tricky Words Song

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Phase 4 Tricky Words Song Sight Words Song for said, have, like, come, some, what, when

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This term the children have made great progress with their writing and have become much more independent when writing. In class I have taught them how to use a sound card to find the correct grapheme. I will upload the sound card they have used this term and they will use next year in year one. 
Please aim to write a could of sentences at least once a week

Ideas for writing

  • Letter writing
  • Weekend news
  • Story writing
  • Describing their lego/construction model
  • Creating a poster
  • Send an invitation



The children have completed handwriting twice a week in school since their return please continue practising with them at home, next year they will do daily handwriting lessons so it will be great practise and will help them on their journey to joining. I'll upload a handwriting sheet if you wish to print it out or please feel free to make it more fun by using chalks, bath pens, paint brushes and water.