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Year 1

Online learning for the week beginning: 25th January 2021

Hello smiley

We have made it half way through the term and I am so proud of each and every one of the children in Doves class! Thank you so much again to all of the amazing parents too for the continued work being sent through and for having the power to keep going! Below is the link to the timetable for week four of online learning, and I will be posting the learning video clips through Dojo the previous evening for you. 


Last week I was really pleased with the work of recapping addition and subtraction to 20, and I could tell that the children were confident in this unit of work.  In maths this week the year 1s will begin place value to 50. They will be counting to 50 by making 10s, looking at and working with numbers to 50, counting forward and backwards within 50, tens and ones and finally representing numbers to 50. 

The links for the lessons are on the timetable and the worksheets are below (note there is no worksheet for Monday):


The stories from last week were creative, magical and the imagination from the children was brilliant which is what it is all about! Stories are definitely not the easiest unit of work, but everyone had a really good go and I thoroughly enjoyed reading through them. 

This week we are going to write 'What am I?' riddles. I am really looking forward to you all making these, and I hope the children will be motivated by it! We will start with dictated sentences, and then move on to reading riddles, researching paws, claws and whisker animals to help us write our own riddles and then we will do a top copy on the Friday. There will be video clips loaded onto dojo/vimeo for each English lesson, and bits will be added to this class page to help with the research lesson on Wednesday. The worksheets are below:


On Mondays lesson we will look at the digraph ey. This is where we got up to in class before lockdown, and everyone has been brilliant at recapping the phase 5 sounds so far. For Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays lesson I will send an extra lesson clip for the children to feel like they are in a phonics lesson with me whilst I introduce the split digraphs. The activities linked to the focus digraphs are below:

Reading Vipers

This week the children will answer questions on explanation, retrieval, a summary, vocabulary and inference. There will be a video link for each lesson sent to you, and the question and answer sheet is below: 


Handwriting is a capital letters focus this week. I will post a video clip for Monday- Wednesday with letters A-M, and then post another clip on Wednesday for letters N-Z. This practise is really beneficial to the children, and I can see huge improvements over these last three weeks smiley


Below are the worksheets and resources that you will need for RE, Art, Geography, Science, History and the other extra bits to the timetable. I will explain all of this in more detail during my daily morning clips running through our tasks for the day!