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Happy week 2 of remote learning! laugh


Please see the timetable below, I've linked the videos on the timetable this week so hope that helps. The videos for English will be on vimeo and I will post a link to them daily on DOJO. If you have any questions please ask.


This week you'll be doing a little recap of phase 5a (mainly the split digraphs), don't forget to recap the phase 3 and 5 graphemes in your phonics booklet each day to help you remember them. Then you'll be learning the alternative pronunciation of 'c' like in race and place and the alternative pronunciation of 'g' like in age and gym. 


Please see the attached activities for this week. There's a document for Monday and then one for Tuesday-Friday. I will continue to add links to the prerecorded lessons on DOJO. You don't have to print out the sheets but they are there if you want them.


Here are the sheets for maths this week, Monday is a practical lesson so after watching the video have a go at using objects to make 10. I'm sure you'll be experts at this as you've been practising your number bonds on hit the button.


I hope you enjoy your topic learning, a few of these lessons are from a sequence so if you didn't manage to do RE or geography last week start with last week first please. Have a great week. I'm very proud of the excellent work being sent though. Well done year ones!