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What we have been learning this week!

Week beginning: 24th January 2022

I can't believe we are week 5 next week! This term is going so quickly, but we still have lots to look forward to before the break smiley 

In maths this week the year 1 children have been looking at numbers to 50, looking at the tens and ones in numbers to 50 and representing numbers to 50. All the children were really good at recognising and working with the numbers, so this meant that we could do lots of problem solving questions and reasoning questions to make us even better at maths! Year 2 children have been making equal groups by grouping, dividing by 2, odd and even numbers and dividing by 5. I have been so impressed with how they have grasped the dividing and we played a great odd and even game on the IWB splatting the numbers today! Lots of children have enjoyed playing on TT Rockstars this week and I have loved seeing their rockstars change the more tokens they get! Well done to Darcie for being top of the leaderboard so far!


In English this week we began by writing sentences about dinosaurs using adventurous vocabulary. We then planned our non-chronological reports, and wrote our reports about our chosen dinosaurs. These will be produced as a top copy on Monday and I can't wait to see them all finished yes In phonics this week year 1 have been working the sounds aw, wh and ph. Year 2 have been working hard at sentence punctuation in SPaG! 


In our foundation subjects this week we enjoyed our fact or fib lesson about Mary Anning and the dinosaurs during history, and we loved inspecting the dinosaur poop in science seeing whether it was a carnivore, herbivore and omnivore. 


Homework this week is writing sentence facts about Mary Anning and the dinosaurs using conjunctions. We are looking forward to showing you our presentation for our class assembly on Thursday at 9:10am and we also have Portals to the Past on Wednesday! Don't forget your dino wear! 


Congratulations to Millar and Connie for their awards this week yes

Happy Birthday to Isabelle for Sunday!


Have a great weekend!

Miss Forman smiley

Week beginning: 17th January 2022

What a week! In maths this week year 1 have been learning about related facts, comparing number sentences and we have recapped number bonds, adding by counting on and adding by making 10. Year 2 children have been completing activities on the 2, 5 and 10 times table, sharing equally and making equal groups by sharing. They have really impressed me with their multiplying skills and I am hoping I will be saying the same next week when we focus on division. 


In English this week we wrote up our top copies of the letters to our favourite dinosaur. Then, we began a new learning sequence of writing which will be to write a non chronological report on a dinosaur. We started by looking at interesting books all about dinosaurs, working in groups to move around the tables and add facts about them. We looked at some examples of non chronological reports and the features of them and we completed a reading comprehension about dinosaurs and some work on conjunctions today. Next week we will be writing some facts about dinosaurs, we will be planning our non chronological report and then finally writing it all up using sub-headings. 


In our foundation subjects we have completed some lovely observational drawings of ammonites using shading, the children did some incredible writing about Mary Anning and wrote about her life in chronological order and in science we did some work on food chains and looked particularly at dinosaur food chains. Next week, we will begin to put together our class assembly and will continue with lots more Dinosaur Roar activities! 


Homework this week is maths, spellings and TT Rockstars yes (on the homework tab of our class page if needed)

Congratulations to William and Tamsin for their awards this week yes

Happy Birthday to Jack for tomorrow! 


Have a brilliant weekend Doves class and hopefully we will be back as 26 next week!

Miss Forman smiley

Week beginning: 10th January 2022

This week in maths the year 1 children have been adding by 10, subtracting not crossing 10 and crossing 10. It has been a tricky week in maths for year 1, however, every child grasped the concepts by the end of the week and I have been extremely impressed with the hardworking ethos and determination they have all had!

In year 2 the children have been recognising equal groups, using the multiplication symbol, using multiplication in pictures and arrays. Although the children were grasping the multiplication, actually drawing arrays can be difficult, but again there was such a significant improvement from the beginning of the week to the end! 


In English this week we have been writing letters. Everyone has put so much effort into these letters and it was so lovely to listen to the children read them out aloud in class today. On Monday we will write a top copy of these and I will post them onto the children's portfolios for you to see. Our letter to our favourite dinosaur was the final letter to complete this week and these top copies will be sent to the museum so we shall await a reply.....


In our foundation subjects we have been learning about Mary Anning. The children loved watching the clip about her and were intrigued by her story, so we acted out the story in groups and then did some freeze frames of Mary, her brother, her dog, Elizabeth Philpott and her dad. In science we looked at fossils and even did some fossil hunting! We looked at fossils of dinosaurs and there was so much discussion we forgot the time! In RE our new philosophical question is: What do my senses tell me about the World of religion and belief? We discussed what the 5 senses were and some examples of them. 


This week a letter went out about Portals to the Past coming in to do a dino and fossil workshop with us on Wednesday 2nd February. This is located on dojo and payment needs to be by 28th January if possible through parent pay. Next week I will be in touch about our class assembly and our class family lunch on the 3rd and 9th of February. 


Congratulations to Jimmy and Isabelle on their awards today! yes


Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Forman smiley

Week beginning: Tuesday 4th January 2022

Good afternoon! Welcome back to the Spring term and our new topic 'Dinosaur Roar!' The children have settled really well back into school and our routine which is fabulous and I think they are looking forward to getting stuck into our topic! Just a reminder that we have PE on Fridays. Homework and spellings are due on a Friday and we aim to read at home at least 3 times if possible yes This term we have our class assembly to look forward to and a dinosaur and fossil workshop. We also have Miss Batchford and Miss Dansey who are doing teaching apprenticeships and who will be with us for some days through the working week. They will be working with small groups of children and may hear your child read. We welcome them to our lovely school smiley


In maths this week year 1 have been ordering groups of objects, ordering numbers and adding by counting on. In year 2 the children have been completing two step problems, making equal groups, adding equal groups and making arrays. We have now moved on to the multiplication and division block of learning. 


In English we have been looking at letters. We decided whether or not the letters were formal or informal, and we wrote a checklist of what we need to include in a letter. We completed a reading comprehension about an appointment letter from a hospital and we annotated a letter. Some great English work completed this week!


In our foundation subjects we had a great history lesson on Wednesday all about what happened to the dinosaurs. There are a few different theories, and some children think it was an asteroid, but some think it was due to volcanic eruption! In science this week we looked at the variation of animals such as amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and fish. I wonder if your child can tell you why a snake is a reptile? Can they tell you why humans are mammals? 


We have also enjoyed starting our new reading skills book this week which is 'The Dinosaurs Packed Lunch' by Jacqueline Wilson. Some of our questions this week have been:

How many words and ideas can you think of linked to the word bored? 

Why do you think Dinah doesn't feel like doing anything?

Spend some time exploring the front cover and make a prediction about what you think will happen in the story.


I am really looking forward to this term with the Doves class smiley We have had a lovely week after the holiday and even had a visitor this afternoon during show and tell..... Gideon's tortoise Timmy!


Have a super weekend everyone!

Miss Forman smiley

Merry Christmas everyone! I wish you all a wonderful break and a very happy and healthy 2022! 

See you on Tuesday 4th January yes


Miss Forman smiley

A Midwife in Crisis! Thank you for coming to watch our Christmas performance! smiley

Week beginning: 6th December 2021

Hello! Week 6 is complete and we are in nearly in Christmas week mode! 

We have been rehearsing our Christmas show each day, and the children are really putting everything into it and remembering their lines and when to come on/off stage! We really hope you enjoy it on Tuesday and we are so pleased you can come! 


In maths this week year 1 have been working on number and place value and answering lots of reasoning questions. Year 2 have been coming to the end of their unit on money which they have worked extremely hard on as some parts are quite tricky. We will move on after Christmas, however, we will still work on money through our mini maths each day after lunch. In English this week we have been creating our lift and flap posters which look brilliant! There was a wonderful moment through the week when Mrs Walker and I looked at each other and smiled as we realised everyone was so engaged in their poster! Well done Doves! I will post these on the children's individual profiles next week and they will be able to take them home to share with their family. 

We finished the week by making moon buggies! The children absolutely loved it and they were super at sorting problems and deciding on ways to make theirs even better! I even heard some children naming their moon buggy Apollo 11 smiley


Next week is full on Christmas although we will still be doing a bit of maths and writing through the week. I have lots of Christmas crafts planned and fun activities for us to finish the term with! There are lots of things going on so I have just put below what is happening each day: 


Monday: Christmas show dress rehearsal to the school 

Tuesday: Christmas show performance at 2:30pm

Wednesday: Christmas dinner 

Friday: Class party in the morning (Children can wear non uniform and Christmas jumpers) Children can bring in their own party food. There will be a face paint and Christmas tattoo station as well as party games and pass the parcel! 


See you Monday Doves! 

Miss Forman smiley

Week beginning: 29th November 2021

Good evening! Week 5 has literally whizzed by! 

This week has been assessment week, so each group took part in an arithmetic paper and a reasoning paper for maths and then a writing assessment. The Year 2 children also had to do a reading paper. This is just for me to see where they are at at this point of the year, and to get Year 2s used to sitting papers ready for SATS in May 2022. They all did brilliantly and were so grown up! 


In RE this week we were learning about the Jewish festival, Hanukah and we read a lovely story together called 'Hetty's Hanukah' which showed how Jewish people celebrate this 8 day festival. In Geography we have used compasses to use simple compass directions (North, South, East, West) and locational and directional language. We will continue with this next week as well as finishing our dioramas. Some children have finished them and they look brilliant! They will be a lovely keepsake to end the topic! Each week I refer to the vocabulary that we have learnt in a topic, and today I was firing questions left, right and centre but every child did so well, they actually blew me away! Next week we look more at Neil Armstrong and space travel in topic yes


Our Christmas performance is being rehearsed each day, and next week we will be having a dress rehearsal in the hall, so please remember any costumes by Monday 6th December. Lots of prop making and costumes have been put together behind the scenes and it is slowly coming together! 


Homework is individual spellings and writing four different types of sentence. I will send a link on dojo of a good SPaG game for children to play too. If possible, please practise your lines too! 


Congratulations to Tegan and Rupert on their awards today yes


Enjoy your weekend Doves class! 

Miss Forman smiley

Week beginning: 22nd November 2021

Good afternoon, we are in full swing of learning the songs for our Christmas performance on Tuesday 14th December at 2:30pm in the school hall. The children seem to enjoy them and as always they are extremely catchy so I'm sure every family will be singing along too! smiley


In maths this week year 1 have been recognising, naming and sorting 2D shapes and making patterns with 2D shapes. We then moved on to using concrete and pictorial representations to explore different ways to represent a number from 11-20. Year 2 have been counting money (pence, pounds and notes and coins) and selecting coins to make an amount. 


In English this week we have all become authors by writing our stories up neatly and drawing fantastic illustrations! The children have worked incredibly hard on these and the presentation of them have been fantastic. We then moved on to a grammar lesson and next week we will do some more work on different types of sentences ready to make an informative poster about what we have learnt about space. 


In topic this week we finished off some writing about the planets, and we started to paint our dioramas. Thank you for the boxes! This is going to be ongoing over the next two weeks as we have to paint, add glitter and organise our planets in order from the sun, so it is a fairly big project! In RE this week we have learnt about Hindu festivals and how they bring people together linking it to Diwali and birthdays from the previous weeks. 


Congratulations to James and Lily on their awards today yes


Well done to everyone for getting through a busy week! Enjoy your well deserved weekend!

Miss Forman smiley

Week beginning: 15th November 2021

Week 3 is complete! This week in maths, both year groups finished their block of learning on addition and subtraction for the first term, therefore, we did a little mini assessment to show how brilliant at it we are! Year 1 have now moved on to recognising and sorting 3D shapes and year 2 have moved on to recognising coins and notes in money. 


In English this week we have been focusing on nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs. The children are getting really good at noticing what words these are in a sentence. We wrote character descriptions about our own aliens and then moved on to planning and writing our alien stories. The stories just need to be made into books as we are becoming authors and then I will post them on dojo for you to see! Hopefully the aliens will come back to read them like they said! 


In topic this week we have been learning about lots of information of each planet. We started with Mercury, Venus and Earth. We learnt the new word 'crater', so I wonder if your child can remember this vocabulary from Wednesdays lesson? 


This week was Anti-Bullying week and I was really proud of the children for the discussions we had based on this. We did a lovely activity which was creating a picture and some words which described someone in our class. Everyone was picked out of the box and everyone felt very special when they received their star. 

Today we had our 'Children in Need' day! We had so much fun and it was lovely to see everyone dressed up in their spots and non uniform! The children were split into year groups and they each did some Strictly come dancing, some circle art inspired by Kadinsky and they made some Pudsey biscuits! Thank you for a wonderful end to the week Doves class! 


Congratulations to Erika and Darcie for their awards yes


Homework this week is individual spellings and to write a recount on our Children in Need day. Next week is start practising the songs for..... our CHRISTMAS performance!


Have a super weekend!

Miss Forman smiley

Week beginning: 8th November 2021

Hello! Another really busy week is over! 

In maths this week year 1 have been completing 8 facts in a fact family, counting back, finding the difference and comparing number sentences by using the inequality symbols. Year 2 have been completing subtraction using the column method when not crossing 10 and then we moved onto exchanging which is super difficult, however, no one gave up and we will be doing one of these each day during mini maths after lunch! By the end of the year they will be pros!


In English this week we read a variety of books with aliens in them which we all really enjoyed. It was wonderful to see the children looking through the books together. We have looked at nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs this week. We have learnt that a noun is a person, a place or something. An adjective describes the noun, a verb is an action and an adverb tells you a bit more about the verb and sometimes they will end in 'ly'. We also answered a reading comprehension on a text called 'My Alien Friend' which the children loved! We then labelled Beegu with lots of interesting and exciting adjectives and designed our own aliens which will be the main character in our own alien stories that we are writing next week. They look amazing!


In RE this week we learnt about Diwali and how it is a festival that brings people together. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at different festivals and celebrations and discuss how they bring people together to celebrate what is important.

We began to learn some facts about the planets which the children were so engaged in! Everyone drew the planets in order from the sun using chalks and in science we looked at different materials such as glass, plastic, wood and metal. The children loved finding things around the classroom that were made out of these materials. We finished the week with some football matches- sorry we were a bit muddy! 


Remembrance Day was on Thursday 11th November and the children were very respectful when doing our 2 minutes silence. We had many discussions about the World Wars and we created a poppy each. 


Homework this week is a maths sheet, TT Rockstars and the children's individual spellings. 


Congratulations to Harry and Millar for their awards this week yes


Have a lovely weekend everyone! See you on Monday with your odd socks on!

Miss Forman smiley

Week beginning: 1st November 2021

Welcome back to the autumn 2 term smiley This week we have launched our new topic of 'Moon Zoom'. On Wednesday we had an alien spaceship crash land on our playground and into our classroom! The alien's left a silver rocket, along with some green, slimy footprints, some fizzing moondust and a letter..... 

The letter asked us to write some alien stories and apparently they will come back to read them when we have finished!

Also in English this week we have been upskilling sentences. I gave the children some boring sentences about aliens and the children had to make them more interesting to read by describing the nouns. For example:

The aliens have two feet. 

The cheeky aliens have two smelly, slimy feet. 

We also spoke about commas needing to separate the two adjectives. Some really good ideas and vocabulary used in this lesson- well done children yes


In maths this week both year groups are continuing the block of addition and subtraction. Year 1 have been using appropriate language for subtraction, understanding the subtraction symbol, completing subtraction number sentences and using concrete and pictorial representations to break a number into two parts. 

Year 2 have been learning about subtraction when crossing 10, partitioning 2 numbers to subtract, adding two digit numbers using the column method, and adding two digit numbers when crossing 10. The column method is tricky, especially when exchanging but the children are persisting with it and we will be doing short bursts of this in early morning work and mini maths. 


In topic this week we have been space engineers in geography looking at aerial images of earth and looking at physical features such as beaches, mountains, hills and rivers. We have learnt about the gunpowder plot and why we remember the 5th of November. I wonder if your child can tell you the story? How many barrels of gunpowder did Guy Fawkes and his friends have to try and blow up The Houses of Parliament? Today we enjoyed some chocolate sparklers and mini activities based around Bonfire Night.  


Well done for a fantastic first week Doves class! I am looking forward to getting stuck into this topic with you. 

Enjoy any fireworks you may see tonight! Stay safe yes


Miss Forman smiley


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Week beginning: 18th October 2021

Happy half term! I hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing break and I will see you on Monday 1st November smiley

We have had lots of fun with the green screen this week!


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Week beginning: 11th October 2021

Hello! Our last full week of this term is complete and everyone has worked so hard. In maths year 1 have been recognising and understanding the addition symbol, completing fact families, exploring number bonds to 10 and systematic number bonds. In year 2 we have been completing calculations, 10 more and 10 less and adding and subtracting tens from any given number. 


In English we have been writing weather reports for Wales and Scotland earlier in the week, and then later this week we have been writing a weather report but reporting from East Hanningfield. The children have been really engaged and have some incredible ideas- when they read them aloud they really bring it all to life and I can't wait to use the green screen next week to perform them. 


This month is Black History Month and we have been learning all about Marcus Rashford and why he such a great role model. We have been inspired by lots of books this week and have enjoyed reading some books children have bought in from home too. There was some lovely writing on Wednesday about Marcus Rashford and we have been sketching him in our art books too! 


In ICT we are learning about how to be safe online, and the children made some brilliant flip books which show this. Science got us outside and we worked in pairs to look at the Beaufort scale and decided on force 2 for yesterday. The children loved reading about the different stages and what happens as the force increases!


Well done to Fraser and William on their awards this week yes


I hope everyone enjoyed the disco and has a great weekend!

Miss Forman smiley

Week beginning: 4th October 2021

Good afternoon,

What a full on week we have had! It was lovely to see so many parents at the church on Tuesday morning to watch our Harvest assembly. All the classes did so well, and I hope you enjoyed our song 'in my trolley'. Well done to the children who read their prayers aloud too as it can be daunting! On Thursday morning we enjoyed Atomic Tom and did some great experiments with him in his weather workshop- we particularly loved the rainbow glasses and the Van de Graff!

In maths this week year 1 have been working on part whole models. We started by understanding the concept, then concentrated on using the correct language before we moved on to completing part whole models independently and to show addition. In year 2 we have been working on fact families which the children were super at and realised it is easy once you get your head around it! We have been checking calculations to see if they were true or false, comparing number sentences and then we finished the week with number bonds in tens to 100 which is also the homework for this week. Again, the children whizzed through the challenges!


In English this week we started our final learning sequence of this term and we will be writing and performing a weather report. We watched a couple of weather reporting clips and then spoke about the language used. We worked in groups to make a list of the words and phrases that we may use when we come to write our reports. We also wrote a recount of our morning with Atomic Tom using our time connectives 'first, next, then, after that and finally'. I am looking forward to using the green screen at the end of term! 


In our foundation subjects this week we completed some super writing on Sir Francis Beaufort after learning about him. I wonder if your child can answer these questions? 

At what age did Sir Francis Beaufort leave school? 

Where did he go after leaving school?

What was he interested in? 

What is he famous for?

What is the Beaufort scale? 


Thank you to everyone for letting me know what date and time they would like for parents evening, I will be sending your appointments out this evening. I am really looking forward to sharing your child's learning with you.


Congratulations to Abigail and Chloe for their awards this week yes


Have a super weekend!

Miss Forman smiley

Week beginning: 27th September 2021

Good afternoon smiley

This week we have been practising our Harvest festival song! It is very catchy, maybe a bit too catchy as one little girl said her family tell her to stop after 3 times! Don't worry my family say the same to me laugh It is called 'In my trolley' and along with some harvest prayers we will be performing these in the church on Tuesday 5th October. We hope to see you there! 


In maths this week year 1 have been ordering numbers, learning about ordinal numbers, using a number line to complete simple addition and we have had a big focus on number formation. In year 2 the children have been counting in 2s, counting in 5s, counting in 10s and we have started counting in 3s. Some very neat maths work in books this week- well done Doves! 

In English this week we have been writing some incredible seasonal poems. I was really impressed with the adjectives and ideas that the children had and I hope they are proud of their top copies! We have been working on expanded noun phrases and the children love making my boring sentences so much better! We are working on our handwriting and do this daily, so I am looking forward to seeing the progress that is made this year in the presentation of our work. At this point in the year we are working on letter size and formation, and then we will move onto joining and then we will be ready for our pen licenses in year 3!

We have been really busy with our foundation subjects this week. In art we used different media to create some seasonal trees, and in Geography we did some fantastic writing about the Equator, Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere recapping from last week, and then we discussed different countries in the Hemispheres and compared them. In science we looked at absorbent materials and completed a fun activity and then in PE this afternoon we finished with a game of bench ball! 


I have been so proud of the children this week for how well they have done with the London Mini Marathon! We just have Monday to go until it is completed! Thank you so much for all of the sponsors and donations to Great Ormond Street Children's hospital. 


Congratulations to Jack and Amelia for their awards this week yes


Have a lovely, relaxing weekend!

Miss Forman smiley

Week beginning: 20th September 2021

We have had a lot of fun this week at school! In maths year 1 have been completing activities to do with one to one correspondence and comparing objects, before moving on to using the inequality symbols (<>=+), comparing numbers and ordering objects. In year 2 we have been using part whole models, place value charts, comparing numbers and ordering objects and numbers. Year 2 have been working a lot in their books this week, and they are presenting their work beautifully, so lots of maths dojos were given out each lesson! The homework that went into the packs this afternoon consolidates our learning from this week. 

In English this week we have been writing a sequence of sentences about the seasons and what happens during different points of the year. We identified adjectives and nouns and then improved our writing style by producing noun phrases. The children had so many good ideas! Also, we completed a cloze procedure reading activity and we planned our seasonal poems ready to write next week. Again, we are getting really hot on presentation and it is lovely to see the children take pride in their books and work- and so they should as they are working super hard!


In our foundation subjects this week we made our Christmas card designs so they are now ready to be posted off to the printers to make into cards, gift tags, wrapping paper all ready for...... CHRISTMAS! We looked at the Christian creation story of the World in RE and in Geography we located the Equator and the North and South Poles on the globes and atlases.

The children are really enjoying our French lessons and we have learnt how to say how old we are to each other. During the register we have learnt 'hello' in different languages and I usually pick someone each day to answer the register in a certain language such as German, Italian, Polish and Japanese, however, on a Friday it is time to sing and dance 'Happy Friday!'

In science this week we made thermometer boxes and the children have loved looking at the temperature over the last couple of days. Maybe we have some future meteorologists! 

As we were so excited for the inflatable afternoon and we couldn't get on the field we had some fun with the parachute in PE and it was the perfect end to our working week yessmiley


Congratulations to Edith and Gideon on their awards this week yes


Have a great weekend whatever you get up to!

Miss Forman smiley

Week beginning: 13th September 2021

This week in maths year 1 have been been counting forwards and backwards, counting one more than a given number and one less than a given number. They are all in the swing of working through the class challenges which is great! In year 2 the children have been counting to 100, representing numbers to 100 and partitioning numbers. They have really been pushing themselves to complete the reasoning questions, and explain their answers in more depth. 

In English this week we have been writing our instructions for how to get dressed for a rainy day. The children were super at using their phonics to support them to write the instructions, they used imperative verbs and the spelling of common exception words was great! I will send these out on dojo next week!

In phonics year 1 have been recapping the phase 3 digraphs and segmenting and blending words. Year 2 have been recapping the phase 5 digraphs and we have been reading real and alien words to get us ready for the phonics screening check. 

The children are enjoying our reading skills book 'Hortense and the Shadow'. Some of our questions based on VIPERS this week were:

Use one word to describe Hortense. 

What might Hortense be thinking when she 'cuts off' her shadow?

What do you think will happen next? 


In our foundation subjects this week we did some great Geography work on aerial views, and we had a fun science lesson investigating shadows and their shapes!


Congratulations to Tayden and Lexi on their awards this week smiley 


I hope everyone has a lovely weekend yes

Miss Forman smiley

Week beginning: 6th September 2021

Welcome back to the autumn 1 term and what a fantastic first week we have had in Doves class! This week in maths we have been getting used to our challenges in each lesson. Children start with the fluency challenge and then move on to problem solving and then reasoning challenges where they have to explain their answers. Both year groups have been focusing on place value, but this week specifically year 1 have been sorting objects into a variety of different ways, counting objects to 10, counting objects from a group of 10 and pictorially representing objects and numbers. Year 2 have been counting forwards and backwards within 20 and then 50, understanding the concept of tens and ones, using practical equipment to represent numbers to 50 and comparing numbers to 50 using the inequality symbols. 

In English this week we began our two week sequence of learning by writing about items that we would need to wear in different seasons and we answered reading comprehension questions based on a story 'Seren's seasons'. We then identified the features of instructions, made a list of imperative verbs and had some fun making jam sandwiches using imperative verbs ready for our warm task on Monday. The children loved playing some games to do with imperative verbs, so we definitely had lots of giggles going on in English this week. smiley

In our foundation subjects this week we had a great art lesson describing and exploring the work of specific artists and started to create our own weather paintings! In RE we began our first topic which is 'How did the universe come to be?' In geography we looked at some 'extreme weather' clips and described simple weather patterns of hot and cold places. On top of that we had French, PSHE, science and we finished off the week with some fun PE! 


Thank you for all of your support this week, it has been lovely to see parents again from last year, and it has been brilliant to meet new ones too! We will be able to get you all in more this year, which I'm looking forward to as it is always lovely for the children to show off their work with pride! 


Everyone has homework folders that they should have taken home this afternoon. The homework is explained on the homework tab of our class page if you need it. This is due in by next Friday morning if possible!


Finally, you should be so proud of yourselves Doves class for working so hard! I am really excited for our year together. 

Have a lovely weekend and I will see you on Monday!

Miss Forman smiley