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What we have been learning about this week

This week has been our first full week back and we have been busy in Kingfisher Class! 

In Maths, we have all been using practical equipment to develop our understanding of Place Value with great success. In English, we are working towards writing a story based on 'How to be a Viking' - these are going to be amazing! 

P.E. and swimming have started properly. Our P.E. is Tennis so we have been practising footwork and aim. Our Viking topic is under way - we have learnt where the Vikings came from and why they are compared to pirates. 

Week Ending 6/10/23

This week we have been using our knowledge of the Vikings to plan a Non-Chronological report. We have carried out research and made notes so far and will write these properly next week. 

In Maths, we have been working on addition and subtraction using practical and written methods as well as moving on to our 3x tables in TTRockstars. 

Our Science topic is about animals and we have been looking at the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates. 

This week, Kingfishers have been learning about Vikings and how and why they travelled. 


We have also continued to use repeating patterns as part of our artwork, to which we will add portraits of our families for display in the classroom and hall. We are looking at the work of Sonia Boyce. 


In English, we wrote stories and started to look at the features of non-chronological reports.


The children are getting really good at 'drop shots' in tennis!

Week ending 10/11/23

This week we have written instructions about how to build our Pavilions - the plans are coming together nicely, including diagrams with lots of detail. The children are all looking forward to constructing them in a couple of weeks time. 

Maths has been revising methods for column addition, including exchanging. We have also completed our Check 2 for the 3x tables so we will be moving onto a new times table next week.

In P.E. Mr Huartson took our first Rugby lesson of the half term and the children had a great time learning how to hold, pass and receive the ball. 

In our PSHE lessons we are learning about our health and well being. We have started by thinking about our exercise during a typical week.

Week ending 17/11/23

This week we have been enjoying writing our 'Crazy Creature' stories for a competition! The children have invented their own creatures, planned and written a mini story all about them. They are all amazing and we are hoping they will get published in a book!

In Maths we have been continuing to practise column method for addition and subtraction, as well as number bonds to 100.

In History, we have been identifying Saxon artefacts, considering what they might have been used for and what they are made from.

Week ending 1st December


We have started Christmas this week! Decorations are being made to be sold at the village fair on 9th December and carols are being sung in preparation for our concert in church on 12th December. We hope to see you there!

We have been learning about The Anglo Saxons and Vikings during our Reading Comprehension sessions, which happen four times a week. We are really focussing on developing the reading skills involved in answering questions about the text, such as identifying key words, then skimming and scanning through the text to locate the answer. 

We will show you some pictures of our pavilions when we have made them next week.


Week ending 8/12/23

We had an exciting week, including making our pavilions and a visit to the 'Wonderdome'!


The children were very patient when working with new materials in DT. They should all be really proud of the pavilions they have constructed and brought home. 


Our visit to the 'Wonderdome' was fascinating - we learnt all about the planets and their moons, space exploration and even had a roller coaster ride through space at the end!

Week ending 12/1/24

We have had an enjoyable frst week back, learning all about Volcanic eruptions and writing explanation texts to show our understanding. 

In Art we have started to look at the work of an artist called David Hockney. We have discussed and copied two of his works - 'Parents' and 'The Splash'. 

P.E. is indoors this term and involves dance routines in time with each other.

We have learnt about the different types of teeth in Science and their different uses.

Week ending 29/1/24


This week, we have been observing the results of our Science experiment. We placed an egg (to represent the enamel on our teeth) in 5 different liquids, including squash, water, milk, orange juice and milk - we have been fascinated and horrified by the results! The children will tell you the outcome!


In maths, we have been dividing - a tricky topic for Years 3 and 4, we have tried this practically and will continue to do this until we are feeling more confident with it. 


For our art this week, we experimented with watercolour pencils and created a lovely moonlit scene in the style of Paula Rego. They were so good we invited our parents in to see them after school, please pop in next week if you didn't get a chance to last week. 



Week ending 1/3/24

This week, we have started looking at poetry. We have found that poets use powerful verbs, adjectives and description about the sense in their writing to make an idea come to life. We have been reading poetry in guided reading lessons and answering comprehension questions.


We are continuiing fractions in maths which has been challenging, but everyone is persisting! 


In P.S.H.E we looked at reasons for recycling and considered what we recycle at home.