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This week's learning

Wc 17.11.21


In English this week, we completed our stories, editing and improving our work before writing up a final draft. We then moved on to learning about imperative verbs in preparation for our instructions lessons next week. 


In Maths we have continued to learn about the relationship between multiplication and division facts. We have been learning about the place value of numbers when we multiply and divide by 10 and 100. 


In Geography, we have been learning about Italy and the Mediterranean region. We used different maps from an atlas and recognised how climate is affected by how close a place is to the equator. 


In DT, we designed our own pizzas and decided on the ingredients we would need to make them. We will be making these next week and using them to inspire our instructional writing. We will of course be taste testing and evaluating our pizzas too! 


In PE, as part of Anti Bullying week and in preparation for Children in Need ' We are all in it together theme,' we took time this week to participate in team tasks where we needed to work together. It was great fun!


On Friday, we raised awareness and money for Children in Need by dressing in non uniform, yellow and spotty! Throughout the day we completed 3 different challenges which also promoted anti-bullying week too. We had great fun, working together, building each other up and recognising the true meaning of teamwork and kindness! 

WC 8th November


This week in English, we have been writing our own story based on Luca, ensuring we include a range of grammatical devices. The children have written fantastic stories, with excellent detail with the similar theme of a character that transforms into another creature when something happens to him or her. I have been really impressed with the stamina of the children this week and the improving detail that they continue to add to their work!

In Maths we have been learning about multiplication. We have been learning how we can use multiplication facts to help us solve division calculations too. 


In Science, we have been learning about the force of friction. Next week we will be planning our own Science experiment! 


In Art/History/PSHE, we took some time to think about Remembrance and the importance of the symbol of the poppy. We created wonderful pieces of art, collages using snippets of relevant historical newspapers and tissue paper. Don't you think they look really effective? 

WC 1.11.21- Welcome back!

What a fantastic first week back after what sounded like a lovely half term break for most of you! 

This week, the children have been working hard to understand and develop their knowledge of the column method in subtraction. We have used place value counters and grids to support the children's understanding of exchanging (formerly known as borrowing) followed up with pictoral representations and finally the formal written method of column subtraction. 


In English, we have been focused on the Disney story of Luca. Luca is a 13 year old boy who lives in Italy. He is a sea creature but when he steps onto land, he becomes a human boy. The children have worked hard to describe Luca this week, using a range of grammatical devices. They have also worked hard to up level their vocabulary choices and edit their own work. 


In Geography, we have been studying the location of Italy and labelling different cities within the country. We have been learning about the culture of Italy and some simple Italian greetings. 


In Science, we have been exploring forces and sharing what we already know. We know that a force is a push or a pull and we started to think about friction. 


Overall, it has been a super week and the children are really looking forward to learning more about Italy this half term! 

WC 27th September

Another fantastic week completed! 


In English we have continued to develop our version of The Queens Knickers by Nicholas Allen. We have planned the story by changing events and designing our own knickers for the Queen's knicker guide! We have been learning how to use expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials and subordinating conjunctions (ISAWAWABUB) in our writing and we have been working hard to punctuate direct speech accurately. Our stories are coming along brilliantly and next week we will be working on editing our work. 


In Maths we have been developing our knowledge of place value further and thinking carefully about what happens to numbers when we add and subtract 1's, 10's, 100's and 1000's. We have been recognising which of the place value columns will change and using this to help us add and subtract quickly. We have been developing our TT knowledge by practising our TT Rockstars grids. We have also been working hard to be able to explain how we know the answer to different problems. 

We have been learning about the British Royal family this week, discussing the relationships to the Queen and the next heirs to the throne. The children really enjoyed learning about this! 

We have been working hard to learn our Harvest poem this week ready for our Harvest Service in church on Tuesday. We hope you can join us there! 

WC 6th September 2021

We have had a fantastic week of learning this week. In Maths we have been learning about place value of 3 digit and 4 digit numbers. We have been representing numbers using different equipment and remembering how to write numbers as numerals and words. In English, we have been planning a non- chronological report about the UK. In Geography, we have been learning about the capital cities of the UK and other cities in the UK. We used maps to support our work and began to think about where places are in relation to other places using compass points. In Computing, we have been recognising the importance of kindness online and what that might look like. In RE, we have been thinking about the importance of the Bible and what it means to Christians and ourselves. In Art, we have gathered ideas about London icons ready to start our collage work next week.