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What we have been learning this week!

Week beginning: 30th January 2023

Happy Weekend everyone!

This week in maths year 1 have been counting on within 20, they have been adding ones using number bonds, finding and making number bonds to 20 and doubling numbers. In year 2 the children have been making a pound, finding change, completing two step problems and we did an assessment on money. Next week year 1 continue with addition and subtraction and year 2 move on to multiplication and division. I have been so impressed with the work in mini maths as well as our normal maths lessons too!


In English, the children have been writing a story about an animal. All of the stories and the imagination were superb! In Rory's story there was a cheetah called Dave, Connie's story involved an abandoned puppy and Mya's main character was her dog Rocky! We have also read through the poem 'Do not feed' by Robert Hull and picked out the rhyming words. Our final piece of work this half term is going to be a rhyming poem with inspiration from this. In reading skills our VIPERS focus has been retrieve and some of our questions were:

Where does Sunny go on Monday?

What does Sunny like to eat?

What irritates Sunny at Scratch and Mitch's? 

In phonics we have been learning the 'au' and 'aw' digraph. The children are working so hard to recognise all of the sounds we have learnt so far this year and there is huge progress with everyone which is fab! In SPaG this week we have been adding -est to words ending in e and adding y to words ending in e. Some of these are in our spellings for next week. 


In our foundation subjects we have been learning about the ten commandments in RE, performing a simple test on our sight sense and continuing our learning on the continents and oceans of the World. The children loved answering my quiz questions on this and they love the songs we begin our geography lessons with, which I have posted on dojo! Next week we are doing some sewing which I am looking forward to! 


On Wednesday we have our class lunch at 11:30am. Please arrive through the office door and the children will welcome you into the hall. We also have our valentines disco on Friday 10th February 3:30pm-4:30pm. Feel free for your child to bring their disco clothes into school and they can change in class rather than going home first if you wish! 


Homework this week is to upskill my boring sentences using adjectives and adverbs, individual spellings and TT Rockstars. Please play jamming when on TT Rockstars as unfortunately the homework set does have division and TTR have told us that we can't just set multiplication. 


Congratulations to Malachy and Connie for their awards this week! yes


Have a brilliant weekend everyone! 

Miss Forman smiley

Week beginning: 23rd January 2023

Good afternoon smiley

This week in maths year 1 have been using a number line to 20, estimating on a number line to 20, comparing numbers to 20 and ordering numbers to 20. In year 2 the children have been carrying on with our money unit. They have been choosing notes and coins, making the same amount, comparing money and calculating money. Next week year 1 move onto addition and subtraction and year 2 have one more week of money.  


In English this week we have been writing non-chronological report top copies, sequencing the Meerkat Mail story and helping Sunny to pack by writing what he needs in his suitcase. We also completed our story mountain plans ready for Monday where we will write our stories about an animal. 


In foundation subjects we have been labelling and identifying parts of the human body and labelling the 5 oceans of the World. We learnt that the Pacific Ocean was the biggest ocean and it is near the continent of Australia. The children also really like our continent song, so I will post this on dojo next week! 


In phonics we have learnt 'y as ee' and have focused on words such as 'happy', 'silly' and 'furry'. In SPaG year 2s have learnt the 'ture' (cher) spelling and have focused on the words 'adventure', 'picture', 'sculpture' and 'fixture'. 


Homework this week is maths, spellings, the phonics booklets and TT Rockstars. 


Congratulations to Sophie S and Tayden for their awards this week yes


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Miss Forman smiley

Week beginning: 9th January 2023

Good evening! It has been a lovely first full week back in school and the children are back into the swing of things for the spring term! 

In maths this week year 1 have started their place value unit to 20. We have been drawing numbers 11-20 using tens and ones. In year 2 we have now finished our shape unit. The children have been counting edges on 3D shapes, counting vertices on 3D shapes, sorting 3D shapes and making patterns with 2D shapes and 3D shapes. In English this week we have been answering questions about tigers in a reading comprehension, we have been writing descriptive sentences about animals and then we have researched meerkats to plan a non- chronological report. 


In phonics we have learnt the 'ue' sound and the children have impressed me with how they are recognising all the digraphs we have learnt since September- amazing! In SPaG we have been adding 'ed' and 'er' suffixes to words. Again, the children have been great at this spelling rule and they are all noticing spelling patterns casually in our everyday school life. Phonics/SPaG booklets are in homework folders today, and although they are not compulsory, they are really beneficial for the children to complete!


In our foundation subjects we have been looking at the continents of the World and discussing which continent certain animals live. The children loved looking at the globe and finding different countries on different continents. In French, we learnt some animal names such as dog (un chien), cat (un chat) and tortoise (un tortue). In science we were comparing mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds. There were some really good discussions in this lesson yesterday!


Homework this week is maths, spellings and TT Rockstars. It is our class assembly next week and every child has a part. Lines are in homework folders and can be practised over the weekend and in the week leading up to Thursday if possible yes 


Congratulations to Fern and James for their awards this week yes


Have a brilliant weekend Doves! 

Miss Forman smiley

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope everyone has the best break with their friends and family and I can't wait to see you on Thursday 5th January 2023! smiley

Week beginning: 12th December 2022

Such a lovely, festive week! 


In maths we finished off the term with some more shape work. Year 1 were making patterns with 2D and 3D shapes and then were answering some shape questions in a work booklet. Year 2 were looking at lines of symmetry on shapes, lines of symmetry to complete shapes and were sorting 2D shapes. In English this week we were writing instructions for how to make a cup of tea and for how to makes ship's biscuits using those imperative (bossy) verbs. Everyone loved making sea biscuits this week and we are going to try them with some soup on Monday. The instruction writing was fabulous and the children remember the features of instructions such as the numbers to show each step. 


In phonics this week the children were learning the 'ir' digraph which can also look like 'ur' or 'er'. We looked at words such as 'twirl', 'girl' and 'bird'. In SPaG this week the children were learning the 'al' and 'il' sounding like 'l' spellings. They were great at writing lots of 'l' words with the different spelling patterns. 


We had a great shopping morning on Monday, buying and wrapping gifts for a member of our family. We then performed our show 'Born in Barn' twice on Tuesday and on Wednesday we had a lovely Christmas dinner with our place mats and hats! I was so proud of the Doves for just being amazing this week, especially when we are feeling end of term tired! It has certainly been busy, but we have enjoyed having some festive fun together!


Next week we will be having a Christmas craft day on Monday. On Tuesday, we will have a class party in the morning and then a Christmas movie afternoon with popcorn. For our Christmas party, the children are welcome to bring in their own party food snack to enjoy when we have a break from the dancing and games! Please bring these in in a named bag smiley


Homework for the holidays is to write different sentences about Christmas, spellings, TT Rockstars and there is an extra phonics booklet. This is all due in on Friday 13th January 2023 and new homework will go out then. 


Congratulations to Harry and Rory for their awards this week yesyes


Have a brilliant weekend everyone and I will see you for 2 days of festive fun on Monday! 

Miss Forman smiley

Week beginning: 5th December 2022

Week 6 complete and we are now in December! This week, in maths, year 1 have been recognising and naming 2D shapes and sorting 2D shapes. They are really impressing me with their shape knowledge! In year 2 we have been counting the sides on 2D shapes, counting the vertices on 2D shapes and drawing 2D shapes. We have learnt the names of 5, 6, 7 and 8 sided sided shapes (pentagon, hexagon, heptagon and octagon). 


In English this week we have been looking at imperative (bossy) verbs ready to write our instructions. The children also wrote a recount of their experience day on Wednesday, using time connectives and they have been fabulous to read! Instead of phonics and SPaG this week we have been recapping everything we have learnt so far this term and completed a spelling assessment, just so I can see where everyone is at with tricky common exception words. Everyone is doing so, so well with their spellings each week and really working hard on these so well done Doves and thank you for the support at home! It really does make a difference, especially with the children's writing. 


On Wednesday we had a super Great Fire of London day! We went back in time to 1666, we made soap, leather bookmarks, bread, medicine and ink to then write with a quill. We had to spread news of the fire, be a rat catcher, use fire hooks to pull houses down and we created a bucket line near the well to try and put the fire out. It was such a fun, imaginative and enjoyable day! A big thank you to Carl from 'Those History People', our parent helpers and to all of our parents/grandparents for organising such fabulous costumes!


Homework this week is maths, spellings and TT Rockstars. Next week, we will be performing our Christmas show 'Born in a Barn' to you all on Tuesday 13th December at 2:30pm. I will dojo message you on Monday where to ideally sit, so that you have the best place to see your child on stage! Please keep practising your lines and songs over the weekend smiley


Congratulations to Charlie and Sophie R for their awards yes


Enjoy your weekend Doves! 

Miss Forman smiley

Week beginning: 28th November 2022

This week has been test week! The children have loved completing their 'question booklets' in school and they have all done so well smiley Year 1 have completed an arithmetic and reasoning paper and then they were recognising and naming 3D shapes and sorting 3D shapes. Year 2 have completed an arithmetic and reasoning paper and then completed missing number problems and were recognising 2D and 3D shapes. 


In English we have been writing letters to Father Christmas which have been wonderful and I will post these out on dojo. We have also moved onto our next learning sequence of instructions. The children are looking forward to making their sea biscuits over the next couple of weeks. 


In history we completed a great activity looking at London and we also completed a lovely RE activity all about advent. Our rehearsals of 'Born in a Barn' are well under way and the children are trying so hard to remember their lines and knowing when to come in. We also had a new member of Doves class on Thursday- let's hope he doesn't get up to too much mischief! 


Homework this week is spellings, TT Rockstars and to practise lines for the Christmas Show. If your child does not have lines they will have a song with actions to practise, so it would be fantastic if you could have a go at home! I have posted the link to the songs on dojo, but feel free to message me if you have any trouble. 


Congratulations to Millar and Jack this week for their awards yes


Have a lovely, festive weekend Doves!

Miss Forman smiley

Week beginning: 21st November 2022

Good afternoon smiley

This week in maths year 1 have been consolidating their learning of place value and addition and subtraction. They have worked so hard to fly through the fluency challenges, problem solving and then work on the reasoning challenges to explain. Year 2 have been working on mixed addition and subtraction and comparing number sentences. We have been doing lots of column addition and subtraction in our mini maths sessions to consolidate this learning. 


In English this week we have been planning and writing our diary entries. They are absolutely amazing and I can't wait to see the top copies early next week! Also, next week we will be writing a letter to Father Christmas and we will begin our final writing sequence of instructions. 


In our foundation subjects this week we have been learning about the life cycle of a bean plant, looking at what London was like in 1666, London landmarks and their facts and the story of when the angel told Mary she was going to have God's son in RE. 


In phonics this week the children have been learning long and short vowel sounds and in SPaG the children have been adding er and est to words ending in y. I am so impressed with this learning and am really seeing the benefits of our new scheme when listening to the children read aloud each week. 


All children have now been casted in our Christmas performance of 'Born in a Barn'. This will be on Tuesday 13th December at 2:30pm in the school hall. I have sent a message on dojo to everyone about costumes and lines. Thank you for your support and I can't wait to start practising in the hall next week. I will post the link to the songs if you want to sing a long at home- they are very catchy and you will be singing them in your sleep! 


Homework this week is to put your spellings for this week into a sentence, spellings and TT Rockstars. 


Congratulations to William and Arthur for their awards today! yes


We had a great World Cup day at school today! The children loved playing football together, and each child now has a team in the class sweepstake! 


Have a great weekend everyone!

Miss Forman smiley

Week beginning: 14th November 2022

Good afternoon! 

In maths this week year 1 have been using practical equipment to take away, completed subtraction on a number line, adding one or two to numbers and they completed an addition and subtraction assessment as we finish the block of learning. In year 2 the children have been adding two 2 digit numbers (not crossing 10), adding two 2 digit numbers (crossing 10), subtracting two 2 digit numbers (not crossing 10) and then subtracting two 2 digit numbers (crossing 10) all using the column method. They have worked very hard on this and we will practise lots of this through the year in our daily mini maths sessions. 


In English we have completed our character descriptions about Samuel Pepys and in our next learning sequence we are building up to write a diary entry from 1666. We completed a reading comprehension all about The Great Fire of London and we focused on using the past tense, changing sentences. The children had lots of imagination, so I am really looking forward to reading these, when the children produce them next week. 


In Phonics this week year 1 have been learning the 'ou' digraph and year 2 have been learning the 'le' sound along with the short and long vowel sound spelling rule. I am so impressed with how the children get themselves sorted with their whiteboards and pens and really work hard during these lessons. They love getting the phonics/ SPaG or handwriting star of the day!


Thank you for wearing your odd socks on Monday to school! We have been discussing friendships and how to look out for each other during our Anti Bullying discussions this week. Thank you for all of the fabulous bakes on Thursday for Children in Need! It was such a great success and raised a great amount for such a good cause!  


Homework this week is maths to complete, with TT Rockstars and spellings. 


Congratulations to Mia and Malachy for their awards this week yes


Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for all of the lovely birthday wishes today Doves! I feel extremely lucky to teach such kind and thoughtful children! heart


Miss Forman smiley



Week beginning: 31st October 2022

Welcome back to Autumn 2! If you haven't had a read of our curriculum map it is now available on dojo and our class page yes


This week in maths year 1 have been doing fact families (the 8 facts) and some subtraction. We have been using sentence stems such as 'First there were ____. Then ___ were taken away. Now there are ___. In year 2 the children have been subtracting 1 digit numbers from 2 digit numbers (across a 10), 10 more, 10 less and adding and subtracting 10s. Next week we have maths week where we will be playing lots of maths games and activities. We would love to welcome you into class at 2:30pm on Thursday 10th November to do some maths activities with us! 


In English this week we wrote a recount of our half term, and then we found a time capsule in our classroom! Inside was a black, curly, long wig, a bottle of wine, some cheese and a diary. We decided that this must have belonged to Samuel Pepys! The children then did some lovely writing about the objects. We also completed a reading comprehension about the Great Fire and labelled Samuel Pepys using adjectives. 


In our foundation subjects this week we did some Halloween pumpkin art using oil pastels, we made a chronological timeline of the events of the Great Fire and made posters for each part and we also learnt about The Gunpowder Plot and made WANTED posters looking for Guy Fawkes! To tie into this we did some firework safety. Lots of history this week and already the children have remembered many facts and dates and we can now picture that The Gunpowder plot happened before the Great Fire of London. We finished the week with a tasty hot chocolate to get us ready for Bonfire Night!


Homework this week is maths, TT Rockstars and individual spellings yes


Have a super Bonfire Night weekend! 

Miss Forman smiley

Happy Half Term everyone!

We finished this week by presenting in our Black History Month assembly all about Stormzy! We learnt that his real name is Michael Omari and although he has won lots of awards for his music he has also contributed towards fees for students to attend university. I was so impressed with all of the Doves who stood up in front of the school, spoke on the microphone or held up some vocabulary and their meaning. 


Mr Forster did the TT Rockstars assembly this week and congratulations to Buddy, Eva and Gideon who came 1st/2nd/3rd for the most increased amount of coins over the half term. 


It was lovely to speak to you all at parents evening this week. Thank you for meeting with me! 

Have the best week and see you on Monday 31st October. 


Miss Forman smiley

Week beginning: 10th October 2022

Good evening, 

In maths this week year 1 have been learning the number bonds within 10, systematic number bonds within 10, number bonds to 10 and adding together. In year 2 the children have been learning number bonds to 100 (in tens), adding and subtracting 1s, add by making 10 and adding three 1 digit numbers. I am looking forward to you parents having the chance to look through books next week, so you can see all of the children's hard work this term in maths. 


Through English this week we have been really inspired by the book 'The Magic Faraway Tree' by Enid Blyton. It is an absolutely brilliant children's book, but I love hearing the children transfixed on what is happening and laughing along! The children created their own character and wrote a character description about them. We have Mr Cloud, Tree man, fairies, elves and pixies! The children then designed their own adventure lands for their stories. We have chocolate land, blue land, the land of fun and the land of dogs! I look forward to planning and writing these next week. In phonics this week year 1 have learnt the 'ea' grapheme and year 2 have learnt the 'gn' spelling. I hope you are enjoying the mini books sent home in the homework packs each week!


In our foundation subjects we had a lovely art lesson looking at Andy Goldsworthy and his natural art, we used a compass in Geography and plotted directions and in science we wrote about seasonal changes. 


Homework this week is maths, TT Rockstars and spellings. Thank you so much for your continued support with homework this term. 


Next week we will be completing work based on Black History Month. Each class will focus on a black role model and will present in an assembly on Thursday. Our class are going to present all about the musician 'Stormzy'. Some children may come home with some words to practise reading and this can all go towards the reading awards too. I am also really looking forward to meeting with you all next week during parents evening. 


Congratulations to Mya and Gideon for their awards this week yes


Have a fabulous weekend Doves! 

Miss Forman smiley

Week beginning: 3rd October 2022

Good afternoon, 

This week in maths year 1 have been introduced to parts and wholes and then part whole models. They then used these part whole models to write addition number sentences and then fact families. I was so impressed with the children during our fact families lesson, and it was great to see the penny dropping when they each grasped the pattern! The year 2 children have been counting in 3s, looking at number bonds to 10, addition and subtraction bonds within 20 using fact families and related facts. Again, the year 2s were whizzing with their maths work yesterday when they grasped the related facts patterns! 


In English this week we have been finishing our top copies of our autumn poems and looking at different stories as we are going to be writing an Enchanted Woodland story next week! We then answered the reading comprehension questions to stories 'Wake up on Bumble Farm' and 'A monster's surprise'. In phonics year 1 have been learning the 'ie' sound (pie, fried, tried) and year 2 have been learning the spelling rule of y (ies). We have spoken about vowels and consonants and the spelling rule is that if the word ends with a y but the letter before is a consonant we knock the y off and add ies. If the letter before the y is a vowel we just add an s. They have all worked very hard! We have a phonics star and handwriting star each day now and the children have made it very hard for myself and the LSAs to choose this week! 


In our foundation subjects this week we created our Christmas designs to be sent off to the printers, we looked at the story of Jonah and the Whale on Monday in RE, and continued with deciduous and evergreen trees in science. 


Homework this week is using adjectives to describe some autumnal objects, spellings and TT Rockstars. I have changed TT Rockstars to 5 minutes on 'garage' as unfortunately 'jamming' isn't unlocked until the homework is completed. 


Thank you to everyone who came to our harvest assembly yesterday. We hope you enjoyed the performance of the Little Red Hen and I have to say I was such a proud teacher watching everyone, as it is very daunting to stand up in front of lots of people but they were all amazing with facial expressions and loud voices for everyone to hear! 


Have a wonderful weekend everyone yes

Miss Forman smiley

Week beginning: 26th September 2022

Week 4 is complete! In maths this week year 1 were using the language less than, greater than and equal to, they then compared numbers using the inequality symbols, they ordered objects and numbers and then finished their place value unit with the number line. Year 2 children have been comparing objects, comparing numbers, ordering objects and numbers and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. TT Rockstars has launched in our class this week and everyone has a log in in the back of their yellow reading records. Homework is to create your own rock star as soon as you log in and then you can play! I have shown the children how to log in, but they will need the app loaded onto a device or the website up for them to access. 


In English this week we have been continuing to use interesting adjectives to describe nouns. Children then added similes to their work. On Tuesday we each wrote a harvest prayer and I had some great work from children thanking God for juicy, red apples and busy, hardworking farmers, as hardworking as a teacher which was lovely to read! We then planned our poems, and then wrote our poems called 'In my autumn garden'. We will write these up neatly next week! 


During art we went outside to find autumnal leaves and did some leaf rubbing and in Geography we looked at different keys on a map and then played a location and direction game. We had a lovely science lesson on Thursday afternoon learning about deciduous and evergreen trees. We learnt that the leaves on an evergreen tree stay green all through the seasons, but the leaves on a deciduous tree change colour through the seasons and usually fall off the trees in winter. 


Homework this week is maths, spellings and some TT Rockstars! If you were in my class last year you are set up and ready, but if not you need to create your own rock star first which will appear as you log in. Children can play on 'jamming' which doesn't have a timer and I have set homework on 'Garage' which is to play 10 minutes over the week. Any questions about this please let me know!


Congratulations to Connie and Dexter for their awards this week! yes 

Next week we look forward to our harvest assembly in the church at 9:10am smiley


Have a really lovely weekend Doves!

Miss Forman smiley

Week beginning: 19th September 2022

Good evening smiley

This week in maths the year 1 children have been been showing one less than a given number, comparing groups by matching and using the language of fewer, more and the same. The year 2 children have been using number lines in tens to 100, tens and ones to 100 and estimating numbers on a number line. Again, some really good maths work going on- I am looking forward to showing our parents the maths books at parents evening and during maths week! Next week is our last week on place value- TT Rockstars will also be making an appearance next week and we will get started on that!


In English this week we moved onto our new learning sequence where we will be writing an autumn poem. We had an autumn bag full of objects in it which was an exciting way to start our two week block and then we focused on using adjectives to describe the autumnal objects and completed a reading comprehension based on 'All about autumn'. Our non-chronological reports are completed and I will post a picture of some below- I can't wait to get these up on our display wall, English wall and star work wall!


In our foundation subjects we created our own map of our local school area using map symbols and a key. In D&T we continued our windmill constructions and the children were so engrossed in this it was great! They already can't wait until the next lesson! In PSHE we created friendship flowers and in science we compared different plants to see whether they were healthy or unhealthy, and how we knew that. We learnt that all plants need the right amount of temperature, sunlight and water. 


Homework this week is English and spellings as well as some reading. The children have bought home a phonics book in their homework that is not compulsory, but would be beneficial to read as it includes our phonics sound or SPaG spelling rule of that week. 


Congratulations to Freddy and Chloe for their awards this week yes


Have a brilliant weekend Doves!

Miss Forman smiley

Week beginning: 12th September 2022

Good afternoon!

In maths this week our year 1 children have been recognising numbers as words, counting on from any number, showing one more than a given number and counting backwards within 10. The children have been really explaining their answers and telling me that 6 is one more than 5 because we are counting on or counting forwards- amazing! In year 2 this week the children have been partitioning numbers to 100, writing numbers to 100 in words, flexibly partitioning numbers to 100 and writing numbers to 100 in expanded form. Year 2 have also been working in their maths books drawing their own part whole models and I have to say they have been so mature and every book looks fab! 


In English this week we began by writing sentences about a scenic picture of a woodland area. There were lots of woodland animals in the picture and we were using some great adjectives and verbs to describe what the animals looked like and what they were doing. I particularly liked 'The cheeky, red squirrels were scurrying down the tree to find their delicious nuts'. We then planned our non-chronological reports of our chosen woodland animal and then we wrote our reports. The children will write up their top copies on Tuesday and I will post them out on dojo! 


All of our learning in the foundation subjects this week has been; drawing our favourite woodland animals in art, looking at vocabulary in RE such as the words God, Allah and Brahamn, in Geography we were looking at map symbols, in science we were looking at garden plants and wildflowers and in PE we did hockey! On Wednesday afternoon we did a little history lesson about The Queen and the children ordered pictures of her life in chronological order and then wrote a prayer which I will take with me to London tomorrow. It was a lovely afternoon with lots of discussion and the children showed such compassion heart


Homework this week is maths and spellings. Thank you for your support with homework!


Congratulations to Lennie and Florence for this awards this week yes

Happy Birthday to Connie for Monday! 


Have a lovely weekend all!

Miss Forman smiley

Week beginning: 5th September 2022

Welcome back to the autumn 1 term! smiley The children have really settled well back into school life and it is lovely to welcome 18 new brilliant children to Doves class and continue teaching the 9 lovely children I had last year! 


This week in maths year 1 have been sorting objects, counting objects, counting objects from a larger group and representing objects. The year 2 children have been looking at their numbers to 20, counting objects to 100 by making 10s, recognising tens and ones and using a place value chart. Both year groups are getting used to their challenges and there have been some great answers to the reasoning questions this week. 


In English we have been writing things we didn't do in the holidays! I had some very creative answers and it was a fun spin on being sensible and writing what we actually did in the holidays! smiley We then started our Enchanted Woodland topic by talking about woodland animals and moving around the classroom writing down the things we knew about the pictures of the animals. The children worked so well together on this and it was lovely to see! We then completed a reading comprehension all about foxes and finally wrote sentences using conjunctions 'and, but, so, because, or'. 


In our foundation subjects we had a great lesson colour mixing using paints, we drew pictures of what we think God looks like in RE, we recapped human and physical features of geography and labelled and described the basic structures of a common plant in science. We were so excited that swimming started back on Wednesday and everyone did so well getting themselves changed and organised!


We finished the week by remembering our Queen. We spoke in class about what had happened, that we now have a King and we all said a lovely prayer in assembly this morning. It was lovely that we got to celebrate the jubilee together back in June and all of us remembered the activities we did and facts about her extraordinary life!


Homework this week is English and spellings and it is explained in the homework tab of our class page each week yes


Congratulations to Arabella and Sophie S for their awards this week. 


Well done for a fab week Doves! You have all worked really hard and I am looking forward to our year together! Have a lovely weekend!


Miss Forman smiley